Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

Working Solution for Options Oracle

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Options Oracle is one of the best option analaysis tool for Indian stock markets and Option traders in india had a strong affinity towards that open source tool. However in recent days the tool is not working for Indian markets which hurts a lots of strategic option players in India.

Option Oracle plugin Section

Step to Install
1)Download the Working Copy of Option Oracle (Supports New Nifty Symbols)
2)Unzip to Local Folder and Open the OptionsOracle.exe file (no need to install it)
3)Click on Config -> General -> Online Servers & Stock Exchange Selection and Set the Plugin for NSE as shown below


4)Now type the Option symbol in the symbol box and press ENTER. Now the option data get downloaded from the NSE india website. Sample NIFTY option data shown
Options Oracle

5)Sample Option Pain Screen shot for NIFTY

Option Pain

Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

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101 Replies to “Working Solution for Options Oracle”

  1. Thanks to Mr Raj and Mr Mohot. I was so desperate for this. Once again thanks. You are rocking guys

        1. Dear sir,
          I have download option oracle but when i go to open (^NIFTY) data its showing error “Requested symbol (“^NIFTY”) was not found as symbol name and company name.

      1. I am not able to save the strategy and reopen it. when i restart it shows . optionsoracle has stopped working. Window is checking for a solution to the problem.

    1. you should be familiar with option strategies like butterfly, iron condor, straddle, strangle etc. It suits only for option strategist most of the time than a naked players in option markets.

  2. dear sir
    i tried a lot but cannot include the server every time it comes as useing us cboe server instead
    plz help me

  3. Not working! Please help. The error message is on the lines that Nifty is not a valid/recognised script.

  4. Hi Rajandran,

    Please help, my option oracle is not working well because when I downloaded its files from your link provided above then it got installed well & also I am able to see nifty data but the problem is its not giving me greeks value like theta, gamma, vega etc. And I am not able to select any option put/call series as well. So please help me , any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

  5. sir,

    I have installed option oracale. i can’t use it for NSE option.

    Kindly explain how to use your file downloaded from this page.

  6. Hi,

    I need help for option oracle. Till yesterday, It was working good and I was getting the data for every symbol except Nifty. In night I started getting message “Requested Symbol (“RCOM”) was not found as symbol or company-name.”

    I have 1.60 ver. Please help. let me know if any one has any clue or faced the same problem.

  7. Hello Mr Rajendran,

    Would you have the new changes made in OO source code as NSE has made new changes in its website. Thanks

  8. it’s stop working again,the error message is “requested symbol (ACC) was not found as symbol or company name.”

      1. Hi Mr. Rajandran,

        Please tell me which file is updated and where I can find that.


  9. dowloaded options oracle from their site.Kept going to cboe.Then i went to config and changed to nse server.but says no stock as Nifty available ! Please help ! Thanks in advance.

  10. Dear Rajandran,

    The Options Oracle wasn’t working for me. I had downloaded the same from the link , which you provide.

    In Step 3 in “Step to Install” wasn’t working as per detail that you given.

    I didn’t find in Plugin for NSE as shown above in List box.

    The List box is empty.

    I download above files on two different PC’s, but the problem remain same.

    Please check at your end.

    Please help !

      1. Hi Rajendran,

        Can you please send me or share me your working exe with all config. I don’t know but suddenly it stopped working and I am getting the similar message again and again that “requested symbol was not found”. I tried the new ver 6.1 as well. but the result is same.

        I am also using win 7. Please share you exe with us.


  11. Dear Rajandran,
    The Options Oracle is not working now, but it earlier worked well. Now I am trying , I getting the message that “requested symbol was not found as symbol or company name.”
    Please check at your end.

  12. I am regular investor and trader. I dont know how to setup algo automated trading software and write parameters.

    Can you help in settin gup good software for automated trading.

  13. Dear Rajandran,
    I have the same problema: “requested symbol was not found as symbol or company name.”

    Another thing, how can i get the spanish´symbols?

    Best regards.


  14. Hi Rajandran,

    The Options Oracle is not working now, but it earlier worked well. Now I am trying , I getting the error that “requested symbol was not found as symbol or company name.” Even After downloading your updated files mentioned above of 2014.
    Kindly help in this regard. It is a serious issue.

    Thanks & Regards

  15. Dear Rajendran

    Till last week , my options oracle was working well. I tried using options oracle today , it is not working. i checked with nseindia.com.. they have upgraded their website recently.entire look and feel of the website got changed.i suspect the problem would be with nseindia.com ..Kindly if you have any fix related to this issue…kindly let us know

  16. Dear Rajendran,

    The fix seems to work fine on Win XP, 7 and 8. I am not able to make it work on 8.1?

    Do you think you can guide me on how to make it work for Win 8.1?



  17. Dear Rajendran,
    The solution which you have provided did not work on my PC.
    My PC has Windows 8.1 with latest patch as OS.
    Do you have any other solution for the same.
    In fact on my PC after installing Patch provided by you was installed,
    the Servers listed earlier in the Drop Down menu disappeared,
    As your web page is not allowing ‘Paste’ can not provide Screen Shot,
    Warm Rgds,

    Vipul Kaji

    1. HI Vipul,

      Users with Windows 8.1 OS facing this issue. Need to check with Deepak Shenoy if he had any fix for this. However in the mean time if you have Win 7 or XP machines you can try out there couple of people tested and it is working fine for them.

        1. Have just sent you the required email for Windows 8.1,
          Hope I got your email address correct?
          Warm Rgds,

          Vipul Kaji

          1. Have just send an email with Screen Shots needed from you.
            Hope you get it this time.
            All the Best,

            Vipul Kaji

  18. shree
    Dear Sir,

    The Options Oracle is not working now, but it earlier worked well. Now I am trying , I getting the error that “requested symbol was not found as symbol or company name.” Even After downloading your updated files mentioned above of 2014.
    Kindly help in this regard.
    we are awaiting your reply



  19. Hai Rajendar,

    I am using Windows 7 with SP1 I have installed .NET Framework v4.0, on installation and setting up to NSE plugin it says NSE plugin does not have valid trusted Samosky certificate. I clicked on yes and proceeded further. When i type the symbol ^NIFTY the message what I got is Requested symbol NIFTY was not found as symbol or company name. What could be the error? Could you correct me please?

  20. sir i have installed option oracle and it is not working
    i m new to this pls help me
    how to run and how to use it
    i will be very thankfull to u

  21. Hi Rajandran,

    I downloaded the exe and saved in local folder.

    While trying to configure server, it is not accepting NSE server as is shown on this page.

    Please help me out.



  22. Hv installed OptionsOracle. WHen i tried to select the NSE server like you have shown I could not, because the drop box is empty. It does not show any options. I tried typing in the name of the server exactly as you have shown… but no help. Pls guide.

  23. Dear Rajandran,

    I have problems downloading some tickers, the CBOE plugin is working now but I cannot download the qqq option chain.



  24. Dear Rajendran/Mohit

    The option oracle is downloading data for nifty and bank nifty only. It is not downloading data for stock option. Can u help please

  25. Trying to use OptionsOracle on a Windows 8.1 machine. In the Config Menu the Online Servers and Stock Selection is Blank. Is there any patch or solution for this.


  26. Not working for me….server selection drop down is still empty….plz suggest ..wht shud i do..
    m usin win 7 prof…..thnks in advnc.

  27. dear sir,
    today marketcalls.in
    live chart is not working,It is stopped ,
    what should i do now sir

  28. Dear Mr.Raj/ Rohit

    Only nifty is working. Nifty 59 stocks data is NOT getting updated. No symbol found error.

  29. Sir Today I download Option Oracle when i opened configuration tab that….server selection drop down is empty….plz suggest ..wht shud i do..
    m usin win 8 prof…..thnks in advnc.

  30. I have just today installed OO first even US data was not working but now that is working and in NSE – under symbol when i type Nifty and say update it say required symbol not found. can you pls help

  31. hii

    i installed options oracle and link provided by u also

    but still not getting any nse plugin server in config

  32. i install option oracle , but erroe server not available plugin ( CBOE ).

  33. Hi Friend,

    I downloaded and followed steps ; No use; The drop down at config is blank and I cannot select any; I am using windows 7.1

    Is there any specific folder name into which the Optionoracle should be unzipped? What do you mean when you say Local folder? I unzipped into desktop into a folder named optionoracle

    After initialization at start of option oracle it gives error current configured preferred server is not available; using plugin server us (cboe) instead;

    then when we go to config the drop down on config is blank;

  34. The options oracle is not working even the online tool with parasing error on the online tool. Appreciate if you someone has a solution that they would be kind enough to share with the forum please. Thanks

  35. Sir, even i am not able to use optionoracle..in windows 7 64bit core i5. unable to configure it for nse servers and there is no server to select…only blank dropdown menu.
    thanks in advance.

  36. Is it not suitable for Windows XP ? .Because in config dialogue, in online server & stock exchange selection tab, there is no option, it is blank. and while initializing the message is showing- Current Configured preferred server is not available. Using ‘Plugin Server US (CBOE)’ instead.

  37. Hi Sir,

    not able to view the “Plugin Server India…” in the drop down menu. Please help.

    thank you in advance,

      1. Yes it only works on Nifty indices (NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, CNX IT etc) . There is still no working solution for Windows 8 for the stock options yet. Hopefully some good soul get it to work.

    1. only cash prices are updating but option chains are not loaded….. help if any can

    2. Yes. It was working for nifty so far. but last three days it stopped working. There is another sw named ” TRADOR” They are giving one month free. I just downloaded yesterday seems to be ok. It can be downloaded from this link,” http://www.tradoroptions.com/

        1. After 30 days it is 120$ for 2 years which comes to around 400/Rs per month which is not bad.

      1. it is not working

        tried every thing

        can some one update

        can u tel me what changes you have made

  38. If I search by NIFTY or BANKNIFTY under symbol field, it prompts for save or open the file liveIndexWatchData.json

    Where should I copy or save this file? The option data is not populated for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY
    But the individual Stock data are populated automatically while searching in the symbol field.

  39. Your site is too cool !!!!!
    i get a solution ….for any stock market related problem…

    Keep it up !!

    Warm regards
    Shikher Kanwar

  40. Thanks for solution.

    I am using this in Win 10 perfectly. Only issue is that it is showing only for ^NIFTY. Anyother symbol is showing not working either of any script or of Bank Nifty.

    Please give solution for this to use it fully.

    Also if possible please suggest some source on how to use this Options Oracle data

  41. I downloaded and unzipped the files as per instructions. I am using a Win 7 machine and was able to successfully download INFY values but not able to do it for NIFTY. What is the valid value to enter for NIFTY ?

    I tried NIFTY, ^NIFTY, ^NSEI, NIFTY50 , CNXNIFTY – but nothing works. I know the symbol has changed recently but would like to know from where is the application picking up the names from ? May be knowing that will help so that we can use the names referring to that SITE.

  42. Hi

    Thanks for sharing the plug in.

    However I am not able to load the data as it is not catching any symbol.

    Please share what needs to be done for the same.


    1. Hi Shailesh,

      Make sure you have downloaded latest software from above link.

      Here are steps:
      1. Download latest file from link given above
      2. Unzip file
      3. Run OptionsOracle.exe
      4. Click on Config -> General -> Online Servers & Stock Exchange Selection, and select above as shown above.
      5. Then try NIFTY or BANKNIFTY or any NSE script, it should work.

      Thank you.

      1. Dear Santosh Kumar Pasi,
        Thanks for the effort you are taking to provide general users with the Plug-ins,
        This is the 2nd time you did this for us, and many thanks for that,
        Hope NSE do not play with the Symbols again so that we will have to trouble you for the same.
        All the Best,

        Vipul Kaji

  43. Hi, Great work, I am using the latest version with plugin server 1.8.5.
    However recently its not working for indexes like NIFTY, BANKNIFTY. It is asking for file download location for any of the indexes and saves a .json file in any location we say. And after some time it shows symbol not found.
    Though its working for any of the stocks like ACC, LT etc.
    Please resolve the issue for indices too.

    1. Now Options Oracle is no more working. Some people re-written the plugin for Indian Markets same needs to be done for US Markets as well.

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