Options Strategy

Is the 9:20 Straddle No More Working?

The 9:20 AM Short Straddle strategy gained prominence for its ability to capitalize on the intraday market volatility witnessed between 09:20 a.m. to 3:15...
Rajandran R
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Sending Futures/Spot – Signals to Two-Legged Options Execution Module…

Thought of making an open-source Tradingview Pinescript code demanded by most of the option traders to control the cost, control the risk, and configure...
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16 min read

How to use OptionAction tool like a Professional

Here is a tutorial on Option Analysis Tool - Option Action which helps options traders to Design, Create & Monitor Option Trading Strategies.
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31 sec read

When to Execute Bullish Call Diagonal Spread in Nifty?

Bullish Diagonal Call spread is neutral to a bullish strategy which is executed by buying long-dated in the money call option and concurrently selling...
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44 sec read

When to use Bearish Diagonal Call Spread in Nifty?

Bearish Diagonal Call spread is neutral to bearish strategy which is executed by buying long-dated in the money call option and concurrently selling...
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[Community Webinar] Market Profile and Directional Option Trading

This Community Webinar (120mins) we discussed some of the basics of Option Concepts like Implied volatility and provides directional guidelines on Directional option trading,...
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Trading the Volatile Markets with this simple technical strategy.

If you are a regular reader of my articles, then you know “I hate technical indicators”. They are a derivative of price action, nothing...
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Working Solution for Options Oracle

is one of the best option analaysis tool for Indian stock markets and Option traders in india had a strong affinity towards that open...
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Change in Open Interest Perspective – March Option Series

Nifty Higher open interest shifted from 5300 puts to 5600 calls indicates 5600 call writing. 5600 will act as a shorter resistamce for timebeing.
Rajandran R
5 sec read

When to write (short) options

I'm going to share information regarding when to write options and how beneficial it is to write options provided it satisfies certain conditions:
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Option strategies – Covered call, Covered put

Covered call and Covered put are both one of the best option strategies for those who trade in F&O segment. These strategies are used...
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Options Strategy for the Month of October – Bull…

Nifty is likely to cross 6300 by expiry due to following reasons.Sustained buying by FIIs – incoming smart money, Sustained selling by DIIs ...
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36 sec read