Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

TradeZilla 4.0 – Intensive Mentorship Program on Market Profile , Orderflow & Trading Systems

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Traders those who want to gain their expertise in Market Profile, Orderflow & Trading Systems we are running a 160+ hours of Intensive learning session to understand the trading process and the markets in a better manner.

Who Should Attend the Program?

Intraday and Short term traders are interested in gaining deeper knowledge on Market Profile, Orderflow and Trading Systems.

What are the Tools used in the Program?

1)Ninjatrader 8 + Bell TPO MP and OFA indicators – (Market Profile/Orderflow)
2)Amibroker/Tradingview (Trading Systems/Top-Down Analysis)
3)Opstra (Option Analytics)

What will you learn?

This Mentorship program solely focuses on Market Profile, Orderflow & Trading System tools using Ninjatrader 8 software to make the traders help understand the objective way of look into short-term and intraday trading opportunities.

The course is designed in such a way that even traders who are new to technical analysis can understand as the course starts from scratch of market profile and order-flow concepts.

For Enquiries / Support contact +91 9731510481

Market Profile – Beginners

  • Introduction to Auction Process and Auction Market theory
  • Introduction to Market Profile Basics
  • Introduction to Market Profile Terminology
  • Why to trade using Market Profile and How Traders can generate Trading Edge using Market Profile
  • Understanding Balance and Excess Concepts
  • Importance of Point of Control and Value Area
  • Market Profile Structure and Profile Distribution types
  • Importance of single prints
  • Understanding poor Structures, Poor Lows/Poor High, Weaker Low, Weaker High
  • Importance of Anomalies and Emotional profile structure
  • Importance of 45-degree line
  • Importance of Gap Rules
  • Importance of Failed Auction
  • Importance of Spikes
  • Understanding the behavior of Market Participants
  • Market Opening confidence Types
  • Importance of One timeframing and the underlying market confidence
  • Importance of Rally High and Pullback Lows

Market profile Intermediate

  • Multi-timeframe Top-Down Analysis (bar charts)
  • How to analyze the markets objectively to take emotionless short term trading decisions
  • Introduction to Visual Nuances & Visual References
  • How to understand Market Confidence for routine day trading or positional trading
  • Market Profile Key Reference levels (Intraday & short-term)
  • Introduction to Trading Inventory
  • Where trading money keep their stop-loss
  • Identifying Weakerhands and strong hands via profile structures
  • Learn to Stop Bear Traps/Bull Traps in the Markets
  • Signature G2/G3 Patterns, R-PPOC levels, AB Poor lows
  • Learning to use market profile for Intraday Trading Decision and Positional Trading Decisions
  • Look above the balance and fail, Look above the balance and accelerate
  • How to prepare for a trading day(Top-Down analysis, Pre Market Analysis)
  • Checklist for Day Trading preparation, Key levels to monitor)
  • Initiative Vs Responsive Auctions
  • How to spot acceptance/rejection at key reference levels.
  • Understanding the Importance of Spotting Liquidation, Short Covering & Fresh Money Buying/Selling using Profile structure

Market Profile Advanced

  • Top/Bottom Formation and Short Term Trend Reversal Positional Setups
  • Learn to Identify Short Covering/Long Liquidation Odds
  • Trading towards the Visual Weaker References
  • Learning to Trade Nifty and Bank Nifty during a High Volatile Phase/Low Volatile Phase
  • How to think from Exponential odds and How to Identify trades with exponential nuances
  • How to manage risk while taking a view using market profile using options trading
  • Live Case Studies on Nifty/Bank Nifty and Top Nifty scrips
  • Learning to Control your Trading Emotions and to manage your Trading expectaion using our trading framework.

Market Profile Intraday Trading Techniques

  • How to Trade AB/ABC Early Morning Trade Setups – 8 Trading Setups
  • How to Trade Mid Day One Timeframing Patterns Intraday – 6 Trading Setups
  • Point of Control Early Morning and Mid Day Trading Setups – 2 Trading Setups
  • Point of Control Intraday Rejection Trading Strategies – 2 Setups
  • Open Drive and Open Test Drive Early Trend Identification – 3 Setups
  • Gap up/Gap Down Open/Gap Rejection Setups – 3 Setups
  • News Based Price Reaction Setups- 2 Setups
  • Breakout Failure Setups – 5 Trade Setups
  • G2/G3 Trade Setups – 4 Trading Setups
  • Spike Trading Rules – 3 Trading Setups

Point of Control Based Trading Strategies

  • What is POC/ Prominent POC / Weaker POC / Reversal POC
  • Importance of Prominent POC in Positional Trading Strategies (3 Trading Strategies)
  • Point of Control Rejection Trading Strategies
  • Identifying Good Rejection/Weaker Rejection
  • Back to Back PPOC Control Trading Strategy
  • PPOC as a Visual Reference (R-PPOC Strategy) How to handle the trades 

Ninjatrader 8 and Market Profile Settings (Recorded Video Access)

  • Understanding Ninjatader 8 and Datafeeds
  • Understanding Ninjatrader 8 settings
  • How to setups charts and optimal TPO size
  • Bell Market Profile Pro and Bell Market Profile Ultimate Settings
  • How to use Bell Market Profile Ultimate Scanners
  • Learn to use Bell Dynamic Profile Settings
  • How to use Bell Trend Analyzer along with G2/G3 patterns

Orderflow Trading Strategies – Basic

  • Basic Building Blocks of Orderflow, Delta, Cumulative Delta
  • Different representation of Orderflow views and their importance
  • Features of Bell Orderflow and Settings
  • The commitment of Traders and Contract Reversals Explained
  • Types of Data Vendors and their data formats
  • Difference between Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Tick by Tick Feed
  • How Orderflow is plotted using uptick/downtick or BidxAsk methods
  • Difference between Orderflow and Bookmap
  • Introduction to Market Depth 101
  • Difference between liquidity and volume
  • How high liquidity and low liquidity affects the markets
  • What to Interpret from High volume nodes and Low volume nodes
  • Institutional Execution strategies
  • Principles of Orderflow
  • Importance of Stacked Momentum Buyers

Orderflow Trading Strategies – Advanced

  • How Smart money positioning and Unwind their positions
  • How to spot stop-hunting / Where most traders keep their stoploss
  • How to Identify Initiative Drive and Absorption auctions
  • Identifying Volume Clustering and the Importance of Volume Clusters
  • How to Identify Trend reversals for scalping using orderflow
  • How to Identify very short term support and resistance levels
  • How to Identify failed breakout trading strategies for Intraday trading
  • How to Identify trend breakout trading strategies for Intraday trading
  • Momentum Trading and Momentum Exhaustion Trading Patterns
  • How to combine momentum exhaustion with Delta Divergence
  • Spotting Cumulative Delta Divergence
  • How to Identify Trapped Buyers or Trapped Sellers from Orderflow
  • How to make use of Unfinished business concepts
  • How to interpret R-Delta and MR – Signals from Orderflow
  • Which timeframe to use in Orderflow for scalping/intraday trading
  • Trading notes and Best Orderflow trading practice 

Intraday Strategies Covered in Orderflow

  • Smart Delta Packet Positioning Strategy
  • Trading the Volume Clusters
  • How to identify and trade Delta unwinding
  • Volume Flow Strategy to detect trend day
  • Anticipating Failed Breakout Trading Strategy
  • Trading Multi-Day Failed Breakout Trading Strategy
  • Back to Back COT Trading Strategy
  • Absorption Based Breakout Trading Strategies
  • COT Based Failed Breakout Trading Strategies
  • Initiative to Initiative Trend Reversal Trading Strategies
  • Trend Exhaustion Strategies
  • R-Delta Trading Strategies
  • Orderflow Sweeping Strategies
  • Momentum Auction Reversal Strategies
  • Momentum Exhaustion and Delta Divergence Trade Setups
  • Unsecured Low based Intraday Trend Reversal Trading Strategy
  • Trapped Buyer/Trapped Seller
  • Importance of Unsecured High/Low
  • Idenfifying False Breakout and Successful Breakouts
  • Stacked Momentum Based Trading Strategy

Tools and Software using for Webinars

  • Marketprofile PRO
  • Orderflow PRO
  • Amibroker 6.00
  • Ninjatrader 8
  • Marketprofile Ultimate
  • Bell R-Delta Add On
  • Bell Trend Analyzer
  • Tradestudio 6.0

Learn from India’s leading Market Profile Mentor

Mr.Rajandran from Marketcalls

He is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algos, discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders, professional traders to individual traders.

Complimentary Access

  • 3 Months of Tradestudio Access worth of Rs.10,000/-
  • Practical Approach To Ninjatrader 8+Marketprofile Community Webinar worth of Rs.13,500/-
  • Lifetime Slack Community Access
  • Recording Access of Previous Tradezilla Course access for 1 Year
  • Study Material for Market Profile and Order Flow
  • Market Profile Basic Certification Course Worth Of Rs.2,500/-
  • Amibroker Certification Course Worth Of Rs.2,500/- 
  • Price Action Trading Vs Market Profile 
Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

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