SK Biswal Chief Engineer at ONGC. Interested in Stock option trading ,Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

Time Machine – Relative Time Vs Relative Price

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In astrology ,planets in cosmos are said to form coalition at critical times to effect phase change.Lunar phases  ,eclipses,day and night and  other cosmic aspects are examples of  cosmic phase changes.Time  demonstrates its power to  bring certain far reaching  transformation on our life and therefore its potential  could be harnessed or tapped for useful  purposes.Time is not just metric like dead weights  or measuring balances of vegetables  vendor. Time  has life and is power.Cosmic order and eternal balance of timeliness can not be assumed to exist by supernatural time keeping by God ,but by enforcement of rhythm  with build up of some force  or stress to critical level  or tipping point.Time finds reference in Mahabharata the celebrated Hindu epic as Kaal and Maha kaal which translate into Time and Mac time.



Time is an agent of Causality itself independently and can effect spatial changes including  landscape in price charts.At tipping points ,spatial arrangements or order could undergo significant changes  only under influence of time if you ignore every other subjective factors which we tend to extrapolate .


A 5watts CFL bulb has so less power  that  it is least useful for  any purpose than 25 Watts bulb .This example explains the concept of power and its relevance in human application.Money  is power as it has many applications in our life and returns are certain.Time is commonly said to be money but we spend it lavishly as if it has no applications and assume it to be lacking adequate power to deliver anything.Following could  change that perception.

Just an example and not to scare anyone.Imagine yourself  in a busy Airport waiting  for your flight.Here there is a terrific announcement  that there is report of  a bomb planted inside the complex and countdown already started.Now you have to get out faster.So having 20 minutes  has significant applications than having just 5 minutes in your hand.This  20 minutes have power to give you life.Another example to drive home the point.You have to catch train to Ahmedabad after landing in Hyderabad Airport.Yes  ,Time you  possess has power to decide the finality of your objective.If you are delayed you could miss the train.So time has the thrust of power.More time means more power!!!


In market ,We have announcement of quarterly  results, merger and acquisitions ,expansion plans and major Government announcements from time to time.Market reacts to them well in advance.Entire technical analysis based on the study of the dynamics of the process.WD Gann methods and Cycle study exclusively are time based analysis. Viewed differently,  Price build  up runs parallel to Time build up in time machine ignoring everything else.With less time available going to the event ,Price and volume tend to accelerate before major announcements. Pregnant Time  certainly delivers returns.Selection of those timings depending upon the power  of the cycle  or schedule lying ahead is a strategy itself.Black box trading systems are simply time machines from traders’ view point where  the trader is simply  picking up exit and entry timings.Selection of Tops and Bottoms  relate to high power coefficient of forthcoming Time .


When you organize a function to celebrate some thing  or organize a meeting or a political rally people start coming one hour before the event.As time passes ,the crowd builds up slowly in the beginning and gaining pace with time.Time gains momentum  if measured in terms of strength or size of crowd.Exactly like sand grains of Hour glass.If you invest in time ,your potential rewards can be measured as sand grains in upper bulb of the Hour glass.Sand grains can mean anything.This is what countdown actually means-The power of Time.This helps you know in advance whether you have a 5Watts or 25Watts bulb in your hand.


Time based  indicators such as Aroon indicator or various  cycle overlays  are already in use. Aroon is unique because it focuses on time relative to price. Chartists can use the Aroon indicators to spot emerging trends, identify consolidations, define correction periods and anticipate reversals. Fibonacci  Time or Gann  tools evaluates the relativity of time.Also it can be customized to anticipate and forecast probability density  or possible future distribution.Window period could be any time frame upto a quarter.A pie chart for selected period  very well captures percentage updays and downdays.Then dynamic outcomes  of net differential  between the two become time series data and has logonormal properties with minimum scattering and this can be appended to price charts.Even Stochastics with online comparison with previous range can also be designed so as to give a sense of like looking at the HOUR GLASS.

  Chicken eggs are hatched in 21 days and Human baby is born at the end of 9 months.This is the rule of time. The delivery or product of time.We call it luck or destiny.


SK Biswal Chief Engineer at ONGC. Interested in Stock option trading ,Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

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