Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

How to Perform Machine Learning Using Amibroker and Python

Amibroker is a powerful technical analysis and trading system development platform, used extensively by traders and analysts for developing and deploying trading strategies. Python,...
Rajandran R
5 min read

USDINR – Signs of Short Term Top

USDINR has an interesting monthly pattern. For 10 months in a row, it is one timeframing without breaking previous month lows that shows the...
Rajandran R
29 sec read

Nifty Futures – September Expiry Technical Analysis

Nifty Futures continues to survive minor negative waves. The immediate short-term trend is positive with supports coming in 11713-11720 range. Global Markets sentiment ended...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Nifty Futures Mid Month Technical Analysis Outlook

Nifty Futures closed with a negative note despite evading Turkish Lira and Chinese & slowdown fears. USDINR is currently trading around 70.30 hits a...
Rajandran R
58 sec read

How a Simple Line Can Improve Your Trading Success

"How to draw a trendline" is one of the first things traders and investors learn when they study technical analysis. Typically, they quickly move...
Elliott Wave
1 min read

Silver Technical Outlook for August 2017

Silver is firmly trading very close to the previous swing high 16.90 and the daily sentimental RSI continues to be positive for the 15th...
Rajandran R
27 sec read

EURUSD Trend Overview for April 2017

EURUSD on the monthly timeframe trading in a larger balance between 1.0482 and 1.145 (rough estimate) since the start of 2015. Its been more...
Rajandran R
47 sec read

Nifty Future – Technical Analysis – Jan 2017 Update

Nifty had done a "W" shaped price pattern so far during Nov 2016 to till date which is very much visual from the charts....
Rajandran R
35 sec read

Do Cycles Exist in Financial Markets? Can We Trade…

All right, its time to tackle some important questions and controversies. Do cycles exist in financial markets? Even if they exist, can we trade...
3 min read

Gold Monetization Scheme – Will it Lead to Further…

Recently, Indian govt announced a particular scheme in their budget notes which took a lot of attention, especially gold merchants and speculators. With gold...
1 min read

Stocks to Watch out on Union Budget 2015

In My last article, I mentioned about trading budget and market related to budget. In this one I will shed light on the stocks...
49 sec read

Banknifty Futures Observation – February Expiry Outlook

Banknifty future from chart above looks like making a head and shoulder formation which is in its last leg of forming the right shoulder...
Mohit Jhanji
38 sec read