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Zebpay puts Bitcoins in the Mobile Wallet

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Now Bitcoin wallet mobile app, Zebpay app has been launched in India, for Android, which can make transaction like buying, selling and investing much simpler in the crypto currency. With growing modernization the work is getting simpler and easier and with the first mobile Bitcoin wallet in India is going to be simplest in the world. As this app connects user’s phone with the Bitcoin, simplifies the transaction and makes it safer. This app allows Indians to abuy Bitcoin easily and then uses it for buying selling goods from shop and even invest for future. Currently the value of one Bitcoin has dropped to Rs19000 from Rs.75000 in early 2014. Value of Bitcoin has been under great fluctuation all the time but still it was always in demand, as it is it is being referred to future of the currency.

Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet

As far as safety goes zebay app is protected by a 4-digit pin. If ever there is a mobile theft then you can easily insert a SIM of same number in any other device and then access you wallet comfortably. It’s easy to use or you can call it user friendly. There are more than 16 companies with whom zebpay can join hands but is expected to reveal itself next week. With growing craze for Bitcoins it’s no surprise that zebpay launched such an app that is going to introduce Bitcoins in such a grand formal way. Being launched in the market it is going to add offers and promotions to grab attention toward itself. In future it is said to join hands with e-commerce websites etc. as a payment service provider, the only difference being of rupees and Bitcoins.

For now you can use zebpay to buy from flipkart and such from the app. The only thing that makes it different from Paytm and such others is that it is not bound by the rupee. You can use anywhere in the world as it is a global app. It is not a traditional bank so company buys Bitcoins from the sellers and then sells it back to us. As the the money you pay to buy Bitcoins goes to sellers and not to the Zebpay, it isn’t making any money for itself for now. It is not just easy to use but safe for the users. The value of the Bitcoins is as real as Indian currency and case can also be filed against the Bitcoins if there is any breach of law. The app being simple to use can be downloaded from the Playstore. This App will be made available in iOS very soon. You can download it easily. Then you can verify yourself through an easy process just like in WhatsApp. For the time being, you need to create a wallet through for adding Bitcoins but Zebpay is expected to allow this through app soon. Zebpay has been designed to act as a wallet in which you can store your money in the form of Bitcoins and then spend it as you do your money.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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