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How to send money to India using Xoom

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There are several ways of money transfer that makes it easy to transfer money to India. Using Xoom, it becomes too easy to send money to India within a very small span of time.


One can send money quickly and easily to family and friends with Xoom’s money transfer services. With the use of Xoom, money can be transferred to 31 different countries. The money transfer through Xoom is easy and convenient. In addition, the sender does not need to wait in a queue to deposit money in the bank neither one needs to leave the comfort of home and step out to send money.

   XOOM Money Transfer

With just five easy steps, Money can be transferred to India using Xoom. The first step starts with signing up with Xoom, then one need to select the transfer option and the designated amount to be transferred.

Xoom Money Transfer 1000 dollars


The third step involves entering the recipient information while in the fourth step Xoom would ask you to enter the payment information. In the fifth and final step, all you need to do is to confirm the payment and your money is transferred.

Sending Limits

Sending Limits


At the time of writing this post USDINR was at 62.31 and XOOM use to charge 61.30 almost a spread of Rs1 per USD plus 4.99 dollars for Net Banking Transfer and 9.99USD for Debit card or Credit Card Transfer from your foriegn account.

How you want to Pay

Xoom works with the all the major banks and retailers throughout the globe to make money transfer easy and direct. Bank deposits processed in India through Xoom’s partner Punjab National Bank.

Along with Xoom’s easy money transfer, Xoom has also come along with the Refer a Friend program. When you refer Xoom to a friend of yours and he / she is done with his / her first money transfer successfully, both and you and your friend will get a Xoom reward.

Xoom is becoming a growing option for money transfer to India as it requires less time and is extremely convenient for the senders too. There are several benefits too while one sends money via Xoom-

  • One can simply send money through Xoom in just five simple steps, without standing in the long queue in bank or without coming out of the comfort of your home.

  • The money transfer fees on Xoom are quite less as compared to other popular methods of money transfer. Hence, one can send money to his / her loved ones with low fees.

  • Xoom comes with refund guarantee too. Xoom assures every sender, if the money he / she transfers are not received by the recipient, Xoom refund the payment in full.

  • Money transfer in Xoom is extremely safe and secured and it takes least time for the transfer. Personal information of the users is kept confidential to protect the interest of the users.

  • Xoom offers money transfer tracking too. By means of email updates, text updates, 24/7 phone support and web and mobile

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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