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ICICI Bank Launches Money Transfer through Twitter

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India’s largest private sector bank, ICICI Bank recently announced the launch of their banking services on Twitter. It is the first of its kind service in India that enables ICICI Bank customers to transfer money instantly to anyone in the country who has an active Twitter account. Besides sending money, this service also enables a user to check the account balance through Twitter, check last three transactions and even recharge their prepaid mobile number without any hassle. ICICI Bank is already known for its amazing services, now, ICICI has become World’s first bank to open Twitter banking services to help individuals in times of need.

ICICI Bank Twitter


Any individual who has an ICICI savings account with his mobile number registered with the bank and has a Twitter account as well can access the all new ‘icicibankpay’ services with just few clicks. The best part about this service is, an ICICI Bank customer can send money to anyone in the country, even if the recipient does not have an account with the same bank.

To register for this Twitter Banking services, a customer needs to follow the bank’s Twitter account and send a ‘Direct Message’ (DM). To verify the account for safety purposes, the customer will receive ‘One Time Password (OTP)’ on their registered mobile numbers, which in turn is required to be sent as a DM from the Twitter account of the customer to Bank’s Twitter account. Once the registration is done, customers can easily transfer funds, check account balance or recharge their cell phones using the services.

Social Banking has increased quite a lot these days, with the rise of the social media platforms. Social media platforms are no more for just interacting with your loved ones. Now, one can use these platforms for marketing their businesses as well as to make instant funds transfer. Many Indian banks are trying to integrate their services with the social media platform to make banking easier for everyone. The core reason why Social Banking has become a buzz these days – most of the banks understand the fact that nearly all of their customers have accounts on the social networking sites and they often access their sites to get connected with friends and family. In such a scenario, if the banking services are integrated with social networking sites, the usage will automatically increase quite many folds.

Even few years ago, banking services were looked upon as a chore, but now banks have integrated themselves with the changing technology. Banking has become a very pleasant experience for all with the latest changes in technology. According to the spokesperson of ICICI Bank, with the Twitter banking service ‘icicibankpay’, they have tried to open up a new avenue for their customers to effectively use their services whenever needed. Now, banking can be done along with socialising with friends and family over the internet. As per the philosophy of ICICI Bank goes- ‘Khayaal aapka’, thereby the bank has tried to bring products and services that make banking a convenient option for all.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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