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The timely hackers

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Shanti Nagar Station:
8.45 PM
SETC Counter:

I wanted to put my phone on charge as the battery had almost drained and I will be traveling for the next 12 hours. I approached a snacks shop a few metres away from SETC Counter with the sign VODAFONE on it and found two shocking things.

To recharge your SIM you need to pay extra 5 rupees more than the MRP of the card.
To recharge your mobile battery, you need to pay 5 rupees.

My bus was by 9.00 PM and the time was already 8.55 PM. So i thought why should I pay rs 5.00 for 2-3 mins. Instead I can use the STD/PCO booth where i can make one 1 Re. call.

Next Morning:

Maatuthavani Bus Station:
6.30 AM

Went to a STD booth to call home. Learnt from the tea shop anna that
To recharge your mobile battery, you need to pay 10 rupees.
Didn’t enquire about the SIM recharge options as this shock itself was more than enough.


Extract from : GoGreenGuys
Author : Vidhya

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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4 Replies to “The timely hackers”

  1. Very True.We all get carried away in that Blah-Blah of 9-10% GDP growth,and Big emerging Power,But that is really the ground reality.I personally feel that Since India is at an inflection point of getting into next level of Growth/Prosperity, there awaits a big crisis/shakeout to get us out of this Corruption ridden + archaic attitude.CWG type of fiasco are Just the reflection, how simply we have accepted menace of corruption as an essential ingredient of the Indian system/society.I eagerly await/want a shakeout to rid us of all of these.(In Wave C of Nifty is What I see some ray of hope).

  2. Well dear nothing come free these days.You have to pay for the any kind of service.Banks charge you for keeping money with them, they charge you for keeping less amount then their prescribed limit (you are giving them your money and also paying them to keep it with them).There are so many examples but we ignore them as they have become part of our lifestyle.
    That poor guy is providing you his resources so that you REMAIN CONNECTED and same time earning a few bucks for his livelihood and we are objecting.
    we are ready to pay telcos for dialer tones and other useless VAS and do not object ha…ha…ha…
    we keep on talking on cell phone needlessly and happy to pay the bill and do not object ha…ha…ha…

  3. i agree to Nimesh`s point.
    when we are ready to pay 30 bucks a month to make our caller hear our favorite song than why we should bother about 5 or 10 bucks for getting charged our mobile??? (that could be used for our safety also in time of crisis)

    gone are days when one person in the family earns and other 4 or 5 eats without working.
    now everybody in the family has to work to feed the family.
    so much for growth and development…….


    mera bharat (still) mahan… 😉

  4. @Kapil:
    In line with your point.

    @NIMESH and kalpeen:
    Nothing comes free these days! Very true. Electricity for charging my mobile and paying Rs.5 is perfectly fine. But 5 rs in Bangalore and 10 rs in madurai was quite undigestible. And selling above MRP,Im sorry,I don’t support it.No one asks him to do a free service of charging and recharging everyone’s mobile :). Let him do it for MRP is my point. And caller tune and needless talks on mobiles, would you pay Rs 35 Rs for caller tune when its actual rate is Rs.30 or would you pay 65paise for a minute for 60 secs when the pulse rate is 1p/sec. And coming back to banks, the money you keep in banks, it grows. Doesn’t yours mate!At mine does and I love that 😛

    “That poor guy is providing you his resources so that you REMAIN CONNECTED and same time earning a few bucks for his livelihood and we are objecting.” Im sorry to say mate, feel really sorry to hear this from this gen guy. How you live matters more than just living!!!!!! Correct me if I am wrong on this point.

    And one humble request, please dont encourage all these things. may be you can, but it indirectly affects people as me who wish to see India as a noble nation than a developed nation.

    @Kapil, Nimesh and kalpeen;
    Thank for sharing all your thoughts about my blog. Cheers!!!!

    Thanks much for taking my blog to a better level.

    Vidhyaa Sree Shenbagaraj

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