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The Silent Killers : Off Topic

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For all sea food lovers, there could not be a better dish than the fish curry cooked in mud pot.

But where to go for a mud pot now. Everything has become revolutionized and we live in the Hi-Tech era. One of the biggest achievement of the modern chemistry is the invention of plastics. From the feeding bottle that the mother uses to feed her child to the day you leave the world, every human being born is bound to plastic in one way or the other. Plastics more dreadful than useful. Hazards of using plastics goes far more than the imagination of anyone.

A few weeks backs, got a mail regarding these silent killers.


In ancient India, we have heard of rishis living for centuries. There is no point in bragging about the past but still amma always says, “we compare ourselves with the past and take up the good things.” I am no saint to preach everyone to meditate in the woods. But still there are a few things we could do and a fewer things we could avoid to live heathy –

1. Use as many as fine quality glass or metal crockery sets. Glass/metal utensils to cook and serve food, metal water bottles and metal/glass plates.

2. Use metal pots to store water, metal buckets or *andaas and metal mugs. * An andaa is a small metal drum with a wide mouth used to store water.

3. Avoid buying mineral water bottles as and when you travel. Instead, carry metal water bottles with the flavour of water you like.

4. Last but never the least, grow plants in all the plastic water bottles. 🙂

I found my water bottle having <1> grade plastic and I have disposed. Now I use a metal water bottle and a glass plate. Of course they are quite costly but I am okay at the cost of my life.

I will feel a mission accomplished if atleast one of you reading this blog would replace your life style to the above three pointers. Hoping to hear from all you guyz!!!!!!!

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Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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  1. I checked the most of the packed Drinking water all those are of Grade 1 and even the Coco cola cans… Unfortunately Pepsi doesnt have any symbol!

  2. Very good and informative article.If IT people starts this revolution definitely one can change the mother earth. The mud pot is the best. In the metal whether Eversilver is OK. I dont think so

  3. Hi,

    Very usefull information and i shared with my friends… Thanks

    Many plastic bottles doesnt have any nos???

  4. Me 2 got dis mail few months back….
    I started to chk on it nd found most of it was grad….

    I found my sis using one of those for school..I disposed it nd replaced it wit metal water bottle…..

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