Merge Indices & Bhavcopy text files into One text file

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Use the link given below to access the Excel VBA that will merge different EOD Indices files to the main Bhavcopy file. This is a temporary arrangement till the GetBhavCopy gets in order.

Download Merge Indices & Bhavcopy Excel Macro

This follows the naming convention of the indices as per the GetBhavCopy format (i.e. S&P CNX NIFTY will be found as NSENIFTY and so on). Instructions are marked inside the file itself. Still if you face any problem or have any suggestion, do post your problems here.

1)Create the following folders “C:Data DownloaderNSE EOD” and “C:Data DownloaderMerge NSE EOD Files”
2)Open Data Downloader
3)Set the EOD “Select Data Path” to “C:Data DownloaderNSE EOD”
4)Run “Data Downloader” to generate both “Bhavcopy” and “Indices” text files
5)Run the Macro in Blue Arrow

Getbhavcopy format – 03 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

Rajandran, thanks a lot for giving me this space to share it. You are doing a great job!

Rajib Lochan Sarkar
[email protected]

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