Crude trading above 200 day moving average

  For the past two weeks crude is trading above the 200 day Weekly moving average. Seems Crude is no longer cheaper any...
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Should Nifty Traders take cues from Baltic Dry Index?

  Baltic Dry Index is often referred as the leading indicator of th economy. The index measures the demand for shipping capacity versus the...
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Fundamentals and External Factors are Hard to Trade

Here is  cute overview of the relationship between fundamentals and the DOW over at Macrotactics: GM chapter 11 = PRICED IN125K+ jobs lost from...
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Nifty and MYself

Baltic Dry Index is Melting…..Crude is Sinking…..Commodities are dragging down…..Yen is Sinking……Dollar…. It is still a mystery   Iam really tired of Watching...
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Gold-OIL Ratio turning up once again

  Gold / Oil ratio refers to how much crude oil can be bought with one ounce of Gold. With gold at $1000...
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Crude at critical Resistance once again

  Crude strongly resisted near 200 day Weekly EMA. After Resisting near 74$ it shows strong move towards $68 and showing negative divergence pattern in...
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Short Overview of State of Nifty and Economy

  Everything remains the same — Reliance Lags Nifty — Nifty Wintess 3 Week Top Formation in Weekly Charts — Trin is above...
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Crude once again near 200 Week Moving avergage

  Crude once again near 200 Week Moving avergage with bearish negative divergence on daily charts Source:
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USD Index Bottomed Out???

  Charts of USD Dollar Index shows a Basic 5 wave elliot  corrective structure ending with strong Positive momentum Divergence which is clearly visible...
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Crude Under Critical Resistance Zone

  Just a simple chart to look out. Crude Weekly Chart shows that it is facing a massive Resistance near 200 Week Moving...
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Gold and Bearish Negative Divergence

  Gold is making a bigger Divergences in daily charts with base supports(55 EMA) near $930. Below 930 it warns a  testing of...
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High Probability breakdown in USD Index

  Still now FII's are pumping money inside india due to the depreciation of the the USD Index. Thought not much fundamental improvement visible...
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