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Things to know about ICICIBank Digital Wallet – Pockets

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With growing modernization the work is getting simpler and easier. Banking being one of the vital part human lives cannot be expected to stay back. Taking revolution to a whole new level and diversifying the outlook of banking, ICICI Banks have introduced new integrated phone based banking service called “Pockets”. With the sole purpose of bringing mob-banking to a very different level, country’s first digital bank has been launched.

ICICI Pockets Send Money


India’s first digital bank for the youth, e-wallet app is easily available in Google playstore. It’s easy to use or you can call it user friendly where you can fund it from anywhere in the country and start transactions immediately. All that a wallet uses is a virtual VISA card which enables one to transact on any website or mobile apps in India. Physical cards are also available to the customers, for using it at any retail shops. It’s as easy as and much more flexible than net-banking. One can download the app and get started with the banking.

ICIC Pockets Prepaid Mobile Recharge

It just not only sends money to your bank account but also to your email id, mobile number and facebook account too. Paying bills would never have been this easy before. Recharging mobiles, booking movie tickets, ordering food, split n share expenses with friends, sending gifts could have never been this easy before and all this with the help of e-wallet. The best of all of “pockets” being, that they come with in class security features. All one has to do is get registration for a unique mobile number that requires mandatory authentication with user id and password for every login. This guarantees the safety and security of the money funded from pick pockets. The Pocket’s first two products to be launched being Universal wallet and the Savings account which comes with A grade security features.

ICICI Pockets Movie Tickets

The other advantage of Pockets is that, one can add zero balance savings accounts also. Being the exclusive alternative of payment banks, Pockets have great expectations attached to it. “Pockets” can be called well set banquet of digital wallet, a basic savings bank account and a physical pre-paid card. Without the need for documentation or branch visit of any kind this seems to simplify ones’ work to the top notch. If one feels like owning a physical card then it can be achieved by depositing Rs.99 as processing charges. With so many advantages one can hardly turn a deaf ear to the rising revolution of present India.

This new scheme launched by India’s largest private sector bank, The ICICI Banks, has driven a revolutionary storm in the field of digital banking. The name itself stands for security of the money. “Pockets” is expected to take India’s mobile banking by surprise and is expected to show great achievements. It is being predicted that “Pockets” is going to bring Indian economy a notch up, as it is being called the near future of India. So, India’s youth should be ready for the upcoming experience of “Pockets” as it doesn’t have to worry about pick pockets.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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