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Is there any chance to master the Indian stock market without investing.If you are are a student or a kind of person not will to take risk or not having enough money to invest in stock markets, there is a way to master Indian Stock Markets. MoneyBhai is the perfect platform for the Investors and Students to learn how to buy,short sell the Stocks in market.Moneybhai is a virtuak stock trading game where investors need not to have real money to Invest in Stock

About MoneyBhai
MoneyBhai is one of the Virtual trading portal from

In Moneybhai, Initially 25 Lacs of virtual money will be given to you and you are able to buy the stocks using this limit. Just like stock markets you can long or go short in selected scripts. Moreover you can track your own performance record and your own virtual returns. Once you get confidence that your track performance record is satisfatory then you can return to real market and can take a real trade.You can play in this market only during market hours. You can also track the portfolio of the Leaders or your favorite pals and you can also follow your own favorite leaders.
Total Corpus of 25 lakhs. Out of which Rs 25 lakhs can be used for normal buy and sell and Rs 25 lakhs can be used for short sell.

a]  Normal Buy
Whatever one's bought they need not sell on the same day it can be carried forward
Only 10% of the corpus can be traded on per stock.
Short selling is allowed.
b]  Shortsell
One needs to buy back before the market closes or the stocks will be squared off.
All NSE Stocks with price more than Rs 20 are allowed.
Brokerage of 0.05% will be charged on every transaction executed
All buy and sell transcations cannot exceed the actual volumes in the market.
All the rules and regulations pertaining splits and bonuses, must be followed.
You can reset your portfolio anytime you want to.

If you reset your portfolio in a particular week you will not be entitled for the weekly winner prize that week.

Even If you are a loser in this game then no need to worry . Who Cares? No Tension.

So Want to be a master in Stocks Do your own analysis and Invest your virtual money and be a Stock Master
Have a Nice Try

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    • says

      If your total Investment amount is Rs 1,00,000 then you can take only Rs 10,000 or 10% of your entire portfolio to trade one single stock. You can invest the rest of the money on other stocks with again 10% rule applicable

  1. bhaskar datta says

    i personally feel & belive also that next generation stocks would be Bio-Technological based stocks.

  2. atul says

    hiii guys,,, i am new user ,, whole day is pass in my college,, so that at night i am play this game ,,, i don’t know how to play on behalf them i purchase some share but i don’t know how sell & some info ,,, i have also read term & co. but not understand properly ,,,,, plz,,, help to guid

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