GANN Shorter term update for Nifty as on 15…

  GANN Supports zone near 5005. More weakness below 5005 as next support near 4780. Avoid longs if nifty dips below 5005. Source:...
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Larsen and toubro update

  Trailing Stop Loss Update for Larsen and Tourbo   Cover Shorts and reverse the position if LT closes above 1665. Source: www.marketcalls.in
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JP Associates is getting Weaker

  1)Stock is showing massive MACD divergence 2)Price is currently below 13,34,55 EMA and these levels could act as a resistance in coming sessions. 3)Stop...
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Marketcalls E-Book Shelf

Source: www.marketcalls.in  
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Shorting J.P Associates Positionally

  Here is an interesting Daily GANN Chart of J.P Assoicates. Which points to an GANN Resistance of 245. Here the Ideal trade should...
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GANN Shorter Term Update for 13 Dec 2009

  Resistance at 5180 and Supports at 4980 Source: www.marketcalls.in
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Charts where Long term rally is being built up

  CIPLA and Dabur is in mood to build long term rally. CIPLA likely to make fresh 52 week high. Check out the...
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How Steeper a rally could be?

  Did you ever ask this for yourself? Will show you the sample Historical Charts of Aurobindo Pharma and MPhasis. Charts are from...
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Celebrity Fashions : Possibly a Value Buy

  CMP : Rs 19.7 Long Term Supports : Rs 18   Stock Lost more than 90% of its value right from the start...
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Heavy Put Writing Continues

  Bulls started killing(Writing) 5000 PE strike premium. As Open intrest jumped 53% with net addition of 14 lakh share Open Intrest Suggest...
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Recursive Wave Structure ReLook

  Iam once again relooking the recursive wave structure. It seems that i had missed the possible alternative wave count. Chart above(Which is...
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Nikkei Warns Correction

  P&F Charts shows a Double Top Breakdown in Nikkei on September 2. Suggesting that the intensity of correction is likely to increase...
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