Nifty Nakshatra Trading System AFL code for Shorter timeframe Traders

Nakshatra Trading system is for shorter timeframe traders especially for those who loves nifty. The AFL code gives Buy or Sell signal for lower timeframes with stop loss and target. Chart shown above is the Nifty 5min Charts with Nakshatra Trading system

Nakshatra AFL code can be downloaded from here

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  1. Tina Taneja says

    Hi, I tried using it, my chart in amibroker compresses like this.

    Can you tell me how to fix it.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Mythri says

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for providing values inputs thrugh marketcalls.
    i have one request, can you please consider small time or house wifes who would like to have a small profit with intraday calls.

    Since you are concentrating more on Nifty and day trading. would request if any AFL or charting pattern to suit for short term calls.

    Thanks much in advance.

  3. Rajesh Joshi says

    I try nakshtra trading afl code in amibroker but lot off eror in this. plz send me right code sir

  4. Vijay says

    Dear Rajendran,

    This Nakshatra afl is future looking, We buy sell arrows only after target is achieved and the levels have crossed. What is the use boss?
    We can do only post mortem with this afl. Please set it right.

  5. Amirishali says

    Rajandran…I checked & tested on AmiB5.30. It’s working fine.Simply trade with Red/Blue SAR,it gives best result for 15min.On 15 min it avoids most false signals which can occur in 5min.I was using similar kind of system with your counter trend EMAavg as SELL signal & EMAH10 as a BUY signal.Both systems are providing almost same timing signals.Anyways…Thanks a lot for your effort & kind support.

  6. Amirishali says

    Rajandran…can you plz add “SAR=value” (Red or Blue line value) after Trend Text “+Up or -Down or ” so that it is handy to take the trade accordingly.Thanks in advance.

  7. Amirishali says

    Rajandran…. one more drawback is when showing HLOC values in title,it is not showing decimal plz add values till 2 decimals…it is damn essential….hope u will modify this as well as my SAR request….
    Thanks in advance.

  8. vicky says

    Dear Rajendra Sir,
    i have download the nakshatra trading system , but i dont know how to configration in amibroker , plz send me details with step by step … i am new user of amibroker ,, & yes sir any if you have some good indicator for nifty future the plz mail me … throught that i can trade in nifty .


  9. Carl says

    Hello frnds,
    Before you enter any trades as per this systems, make sure you have a proper backtest, check each and every trade the backtest result has shown.
    As I feel ders some problem/trick in it. I did the backtest, i kept the trade to initiate on the close of the bars i.e in Analysis>Automatic analysis>settings>trades.
    But when i back tested and checked the trades …each trades…sometimes it showed a buy on the low of the bar…and some times in short position the entry is made at the high of the bar. these things are nxt to impossible to trade.

  10. Carl says

    Hello frnds,
    I did backtesting of this stratergy with the automatic analysis. There are many flaws in the system. It looks like, it gives huge profit, but in actual the trades are made on lows ( for long) and high (for shorts). Though few trades are done proper, like it made its bar get complete and than entered.
    Also exits are not proper.
    So i would say if you guys want to trade on this sytem, backtest it, check each and every call manually and then strt trading live.

  11. Noufel says

    I would like to get the value of ATR(20) of weekly in daily chart. Whats the code format.
    Thanks in advance

  12. Noufel says

    I would like to get the value of ATR(20) of weekly in daily chart. Whats the code format.
    Thanks in advance

  13. diwa says

    Dear Ji,

    I need your help to create afl code for macd combining with bollingar bands.

    Kindly do me a favour.

    Thanks in Advance,

  14. CJ says

    What is the proper way to use it? There are close to 12 different symbols. Yellow Arrows, white arrows.If you can share it, I will prepare docment for others.

  15. Md Rehman says

    Downloaded this code, works well on 15 min frame, tested on high volume stocks, looks good, if tgt and Sl is added witg. Decimal values, it would be great

  16. Abhijit says

    Hi, can u plz tell the buy & sell formula for Nakshatra trading system as I wish to backtest it but Amibroker 5.6 is giving error that buy & sell formula is not properly coded. Its not working on other stocks too ! Thank u.

  17. RIPAL says

    pl. give me exporation formula and the necessary setting in ami broker for right result , how to do setting for automatic exploration means when buy /sell signal occure the formula automatic pop up with window or by audio alert ,if u have any kind of exploration formula pl. mail me on my email :

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