My Quotes – Free Yahoo intraday Realtime data update for Amibroker

Here is an interesting light weight software(86.6kb) from volumedigger named My Quotes. This light weight software utility could be used to update your amibroker software in realtime tick data from Yahoo Finance at free of cost. Now thats  sounds totally amazing!
How you could make it?
1) Download Myquotes
2) Extract the files to your amibroker path(By default C:>Program FilesAmibroker )
3)Open Amibroker
3) Create a new Amibroker database named YahooIntraday set the Base time interval to Tick Data
4)Open Myquotes.exe from the amibroker folder
5)Give your yahoo username and password
6)Once you logged in Now goto File from the menu bar and select Select Amibroker path
7)And choose your path to New Amibroker Database i.e C:>Program FilesAmibrokerYahooIntradau
8)Now from the menu bar select Download->Start Yahoo RT Data
9)Also you can adjust the time corrective settins from the options coloumn from the settings
10)You are done now watch your real time charting updating
Notes and caution
1)Backfill is not possible
2)If power or your internet goes down then you cant get the missed Intraday data

2)If you want to change the symbols edit symbollist.txt file in amibroker folder and use only Y! Finance symbols
3)Use lookup to get Y! Finance Symbols for any sort of script

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  1. Rajandran Rajarathinam says

    @Anjum Iam Planning to update historical data upto 2009 on 1st Jan 2010. I request you to wait till that

  2. Rajandran Rajarathinam says

    Thanks Mgv,I had already downloaded that software. But iam not able to use both the software combinely. If i use EOD backfill during real time update…. the entire database got deleted and new EOD backfill occurs… If simply destroys my old data

  3. men says

    I tried but it did not work, how do we open myquotes.exe in the amibroker folder? Could you please post screen shots, thanks in advance

  4. men says

    Myquotes.exe is not present in the given link, one txt file, one format file and one volume digger only are present.When the volume digger com is clicked message got is the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000135 error message comes please update.Thanks

  5. ani says

    we are getting nifty advance decline chart in your site. How we will get only nifty 50 stocks advance decline chart? whether that chart will be able to catch nifty movement for intraday trading?

  6. johnny pareek says

    Hi Rajendran,

    First of all, Let me thank you for your great work.

    Okay “MyQuotes” is not working. It is unable to login yahoo. Any solution you can make. I wrote to joy but didn’t received any reply till date.


    • sunny says

      I am also facing the same issue unable to login says “Failed to Login”, Can any one help me

      Awaiting for the response

  7. Sankar says

    When I am logging in tp myquotes using yahoo ID, getting a message telling that login failed. What should I do?

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