From Record Longs to Record Shorts: A Behavioral Analysis…

In just one month, retail traders went from holding record-long positions to record-short positions in Nifty futures. This dramatic shift has everyone in the...
Rajandran R
1 min read

[Research] Youtube Thumbnail Indicator Similarity to the Magazine Cover…

Sentiment indicators often provide contrarian signals that can help traders and investors make informed decisions. One such innovative sentiment indicator is the YouTube Thumbnail...
Rajandran R
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How Human Behavior Messes with Market Trends (And What…

You’ve probably noticed that the markets don’t always act rationally. In fact, they often seem downright crazy! That’s where behavioral finance comes into play....
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4 Replies to “Difference Between Trading Account and Demat Account”

  1. I am a subscriber to your newsletter & a regular user of your Ambibroker live chart,I also follow you in Twitter & Facebook , infact today I traded Gail with the charts help. Thank you. Is there any system by which I can point out over bought & over sold before opening of market so that one can position oneself. After seeing all charts to decide where to trade , the stocks have made the high & low and is trading +/- Pivot point , trading becomes risky, & in these volatile market deadly. Do help. Regards Gouranga

    1. There is no specific indicator in the world which pin point exactly and says the stock/index are overbought/oversold now you can start trading. 🙂 Indicators indicating oversold can remain oversold for a very long time and same applicable for overbought too.

      Thats the reason iam not using such indicators in my livecharts section which ultimately create more noise into the system rather than filtering it out.

  2. In INTRADAY Trading, how long does it take to get the stocks in my account once I have placed an order using my online trading account?

  3. Explain the process to open a Trading Account, which one will be better to buy between Trading Account & a Demat Account

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