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Now Mandatory To Provide Email And Mobile Number to File Tax Returns

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Taxpayers that are filing their income tax returns will have to follow few extra steps in order to make sure that they do not have any problem in the future. One of them is email id and mobile number. Till date, providing these details was not mandatory. However, since this year, these things have become mandatory for filing returns. Consequently, the income tax department can send emails and SMS for any queries or information. People, who have already registered their mobile numbers and email ids before, should update them now, if there has been a change in the address or the number. This is especially applicable for people who had more than ten income tax accounts and had already registered before.




Completing The Process With Passwords:

In order to complete the process of filing, the tax payers will have to enter the one time passwords. The password will be sent by the income tax department and after logging into the e-filing account, they have to authenticate. NRI taxpayers will have to authenticate by means of the password sent in the emails. Validation is required because in many cases tax payers did not receive proper information and communication from the department. However, now important messages and information can be sent via mail and message.

Smooth And Convenient Process:

In order to ensure that you have a smooth and convenient filing process, the IT department requests all tax payers to cooperate at the earliest. Validation is required only for one time. In the future, if the tax payer changes his number or email ID, it has to be updated and validated again for once. There is nothing to bother about sharing these details with the department because the department has advised that the emails and sms can be kept in the safe list so that communications from the department are not blocked.

Sharing Common Email Id:

There are many people and many business organizations that do not have email ids. In such a case, they can provide a common email id or phone number of other family members so that they can the necessary information from the department communicated to them. In fact, the department has also said that one common mobile number or email id can be used for a maximum of 10 user accounts during the process of e-filing. The taxpayer will also get the opportunity to enter any other number as a secondary contact number.

Getting In Touch Directly:

This attempt has mainly been taken in an effort to get in direct touch with the taxpayers anytime, as required. There are cases when there were issues of pending refunds and the IT officer had to face difficulty in getting in touch with the taxpayer. However, with this process, the entire thing will get simpler and lots of hassles would get reduced in the entire process. Therefore, as a taxpayer, it is high time to provide the necessary details or update the information required by the department. Thins will be smooth and convenient like never before.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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