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Live MCX and Sensex Metaquotes Charts

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Recent Updates on Getting MCX Live charts in Metatrader platform


One of my online friend(Dinesh Bhalaji) given this link to view live MCX Commodities Charts and Sensex Charts using metaquote software. Broco is providing a demo trading account software(Metaquotes) for Forex, World Indices and commodities, Stocks especially Includes MCX Commodities(Metals) and Sensex Charts Live.

1)Download and Intall the Broco Software – Metatrader 5 Platform
2)Register for the Demo Account
3)Right Click on the Market Watch
4)Select SYMBOLS
5)To get MCX Charts goto CFD Metals and select the required mcx trading element
6)To get Sensex Charts goto World Indices 1 and Select the Sensex from the list
7)Click on the Tab SHOW
8)Now the Corresponding Ticker will be available in the Market Watch
9)To get the chart just right click on the Ticker and Select Chart Window
10)Now Charts are live and you can change the Peridicity of the chart and change it for the required time frame(1 Min, 5Min, 15Min,Hourly,Daily,Weekly,Monthly

Please find the list of available MCX Commodities charts

Update on Broco Software

Now Access Broco Trader MCX – MT4 Platform for $25

Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

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134 Replies to “Live MCX and Sensex Metaquotes Charts”

  1. used u r link to get the broco for mcx realtime charts i am thankful for u r link provide and u r service

  2. Thanks a lot sir for giving the link of live mcx live charts.
    Sir can u give me also the link of live USD/inr ,EUR?INR Charts.

  3. @ Vikas : Live Rate McX (INR), u will get Gold , Copper, Nickel, Aluminum, Lead & Zinc … Happy Trading !!! Happy Earnings !!!

  4. @Vikas : Yes u can view Live McX Rate with (INR) for Gold , Copper, Nickel, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc… Happy Trading !!! Happy Earnings !!!

  5. @ramu , click on market watch – symbols – CFD METALS – there u will find (ALUMINUM MCX), (GOLD MCX) …. just click on this and make it SHOW in right side bar… that’s it, u r ready with Live Rate & Chart : Happy Trading !!!

  6. Than very much sir,Sir can u give me also the link of live silver @ crude oil

  7. @ nitin/saravanakumar … there is no live rate INR (McX) for crude/silver in the software (Broco)

  8. Dear Mr.Raj,

    This is Amin here from Mumbai. I visited your site and found that it is very useful for online trading. I wanted to add this live charts and quotes on my website and for all this details I wanted your email id so that I can mail you all the things required in detail. So can you please give me your email id or if possible can contact me on my email id.

    Thanking you in anticipation


  9. Dear sir,

    I am in process of developing a website providing online charts and technical indicators of mcx/ncdex commodities. I need Real Time data feed for the same.

    Can u guide me,how to get real time data for my website??

  10. Sir,

    Iam not able to see the show button after clicking cfd metal link and gold mcx.Please help.

    Thanking You



  11. Dear Sir,

    I have downloaded Broco Soft, However I could not find CFD Metals to click on and go for MCX indices.

    Please help me out.

    Thanking you



  12. Dear Dinesh Bhala ji / Manik / Umang / Vikas,
    i have followed the procedure that has been mentioned to work with Broco Trader but I hv’nt found any CFD metal link in Market watch.
    Will u plz guide us again for the same.
    We all are waiting desparately for ur help.


  13. Dear Jeetender / Pawan ,

    very simple software with menu oriented…
    come online i guide u ….


  14. Dear Sir,
    i have followed the procedure that has been mentioned to work with Broco Trader & get gold mcx from cfd but don’t for silver. there r old data for GOLDMO, GOLD(MCX) (6:30-20.00)Exp 30.06.2010 and the last data found 4th june 2010. how can I refresh data.or whats the pro.. for realtime data for gold mcx, and add silver mcx rates.

  15. This software will give the buy & sell signal for indian market securities.& how we can learn from charts.

  16. @ Chetan , after contract over they change the name for ex. gold GOLDQ0


  17. Dear Dineshbhalaji sir,

    Thnx for give me a answer. I find out my mistake next day. In CFD only Comex silver rates.I didn’t get silver MCX rates yet. How it can be done?


  18. sir rajendran,

    can u plz give me the website where i can even get the metatrader charts for mcx silver and crude too . bcoz broco trader is giving the data for only gold ,copper ,zinc ,etc.. but not for silver and crude .

    it would be a great help for me if i could even get crude and silver charts ….

    so plz give me the info if u know any such site which provides for silver and crude too ….
    and ur broco trader site was also a great help for me as i could trade gold using those charts …
    i follow bill williams techniques for trading …..
    thanks a lot sir jiiiiii

  19. sir i want to get live updates of market on my laptop. can you please tell me which software i should download for getting these live updates.

  20. Hi,

    can any body help.. I am ubnable to get the historical data for said CFD metal scrips

    eg say If I wish to hv Nickel Exp 31 Aug 2010 15 m historical data then how can I get it,,

    I followed the history center but able to get only data upto @ 1000 bars ( 15m TF)

    pls help..Thanks


  21. Dear Raj,
    Is it possible to open an real time account with Broco Trader as I have searched that this co. is not having any branch in INDIA @ present. Waiting for ur response.

  22. in broco software recent month aluminium/lead/nickel r not updated/showing is there any other person facing same problem.

  23. thanks a lot for the brilliant link. the data being provided is for enough commodities to make 2-3 trades everyday!

  24. facing same problem as some of the previous comments.., gold charts stopped updating..any solutions sir??

  25. thank u for the informtion.I had downloaded Metatrader 5 platform and it is showing the metel charts. Now the candles are timed opening 5.00 hours. what is Indian timings?zinc data is only upto 28jan?help me how to up date the same.

  26. Dear Rajandran
    I have downloaded Amibroker but i am quite confused how to use it for ichimoku. kindly help me thanx in advance

  27. Dear sir,

    I want download for this broco software pls contact me sir.

    with regards,


  28. Hi Dear,

    As i tried all the thing to get to see MCX chart CFD metal in broca trader but not be possible cto see kindly help me out to find the step by step i have downloaded broca…..not not able to unstd MCOP,MSIL etc……

  29. Hello,
    Can an one tell me, how to getthe continious chrts of mcx commodities on broco trader platform?.
    Also the datas which are getting, it dosent starts from the begining of the contract. Rather it starts from there the last contract ended. Example:
    Gold as of date shows the strting data from 5 Apeil 2011, for the june contract. in actual the contract had started since 6 oct 2010.
    Help me out frnds

  30. Dear Rajandran R (author),
    Thanks for the Broco Software.

    Could you please guide me as to :
    [1]what time frame of charts will give better results while charting commodities?

    [2] Which Technical indicators should one use while trading commodities?

    [3] If we use MA Crossover which time frames must we use for the two M Averages?

    Thanks & Best Wishes,

  31. Hi i downloaded the software it worked fine for amonth , now it has stopped working i get a error msg saying acess denied . is there a time limit on a demo account ? pls advise how to reload .

  32. dear sir ,broco cfd charts how to install in mobile is possible or not,plz explain,many persons have a doubtabout this tks sir

  33. sir i have downloaded broco software got cfd option bt not cfd metals i want mcx charts can u guide me with that

    thanx & regards,
    jinesh jain

  34. sorry rajendran sir if some one pay a sum of rs 300/months for manshi and have iifl or odin diet trading terminal can have all intra chart that u can put on ur iifl ttadvance or odin watch list.
    earlier version of tradetiger of share khan was best matched with manshi.

  35. dear Rajandran and all friends
    hi there:
    i would like to seek your guidance. i want to open BankNifty in GCI MT4 trading software.
    any help, please, thanks in advance

    i got broco chart but i dont know how to set that, so please tell me that. i want ur mail id and ur mobile no. otherwise u contact my mail id:govindguru1984@rediff.com thank u sir

  37. Right click on market watch doesnt work its freeze,when click symbols no cfd to choose metals,
    all i get is only forex.

    plz suggest how to add mcx in metatrader platform

  38. Dear Friends… now u can access McX – Silver, Crude and Natural Gas in BROCO
    Happy Trading … Happy Earnings …

  39. For the commodity, from my expeirience the best software available is icharts.
    You can purchase that from http://www.icharts,in . Its around 1499 /- pm .
    U sing 1 hour time frame will gives you best intra day calls in it and 3 month will give you good positional calls.

    1. @Sujith

      Broco MT platform give you at free of cost for MCX metals and energy and moreover metatrader is a robust platform for technical analysis when compared to icharts and custom indicators and demo trading is possible

  40. May I know where can I get NCDEX charts in MT4, i tried broco, forexpm but they are not providing NCDEX

    Help me in this regard

    thanks in advance

  41. your extremely needed effort help me a lot , i am a i chart user from many years but i chart didnt help me , i like broco trader more then i charts , i tried many indicators in broco mt5 but i find ichimoku best stretegy so if there is any setup for ichimoku for intra for mcx please guide.


  42. All type of chart avilable here commodity,nifty,stock,commmex,forex..contact 7600490416..happy trading

  43. sir,
    charts are working till friday, but mcx also works on saturday so how can we change the settings to see the charts on saturday as well, and it has predefined time of 0600-2000 hrs so can we turn it in to IST and see the chart till closing of mcx or not?
    plz reply

  44. how to get INR currency pairs on mt5. i have downloaded the broco mt5 and went thru market watch>symbols>forex> there is no option like no trade forex.

  45. ktolwal@yahoo.com
    hi broco is stopping indian metals from this month Nov 11 , is there any other free software which provides similar real time data for free? kindly revert on my email please

  46. yes broco has stopped free data for silver, nickel, copper

    please provide any other source if u have.

  47. i have loaded broco software and selected mcx metals from CFD METALS. It was working fine .But for the next month contract i cannot able to see mcx metals in CFD . Can u suggest how to get new contract in CFD Metals
    Magesh M.P

  48. i have loaded broco software and selected mcx metals from CFD METALS. It was working fine .But for the next month contract i cannot able to see mcx metals in CFD . Can u suggest how to get new contract in CFD Metals

  49. This is problem with some of offshore dealers. They suddenly stop working. Think in case we had opened a real account with broco, what would happen ? No body to answer ?

  50. please can any one one tell me how do i login odin diet of religare i have downloaded from web?
    i dont have the passwords for it. how do i crack it. i dont want to pay my broker for that.
    please help me 9975515820

  51. open new account in broco-contest server. It give all metals in current month contract for mcx. silver only not available

  52. those who want total mcx charts .go to BFDD SITE AND DOWNLOAD as usual how do we download broco and install.bfdd serves silver gold crude copper nickel all things. even it includes nse nifty shares and nse future shares.so it combines nse shares and nse futures and mcx.it would be really good for those who follow the charts.

  53. Dear Hari krishnan you given information about mcx charts as BFDD SITE but sorry to say i cannot get the link kindly write the full link and procedure. thanks in advance

  54. Friends,
    Broco has stopped providing live data charts for the MCX- Commodity market.
    is there any other free software which provides similar real time data/ Live Charts for free?
    kindly revert on my email please.

    Thank U

  55. Dear Friends/ Hari krishnan,

    you given information about MCX Live charts as BFDD SITE but sorry to say i cannot get the link kindly write the full link and procedure.
    Pl give the link to the MCX Live Charts
    thanks in advance

  56. Dear sir
    i am configer mt4 plugins but amibroker not working.so plz help me

  57. please provide me detail of how to find sensex in broco because here i find that in symbol select world indices1 and you will find sensex in it and select it . and i did it but i ddint any symbol like world indices 1 so how will i find sensex in it please suggest me

  58. i want to watch live mcx price and charts on my pc. whats your charges for these software.

  59. Thanks for replay to down load MCX LIVE CHART ON BROCO, BUT THE MESSAGE IS AS BELOW
    MetaTrader 5Trial period is over. We are configuaring back office facilities to launch live trading.



  60. hello sir ,
    i am doing demo trading with broco for last one month after seeing your recommodetion about mt4. now can i do live a/c for mcx with broco they are doing well brokership and funds handling pls reply me sir
    thank you

  61. Dear sir,

    I have developing web application.i need to fetch stock details,commodity and currency details to my application.where i ll get that those details.Is there any website providing these details.Please reply me..thanks in advance.

  62. Dear sir
    now mcx provide live candle chart just go mcx web and click mcx act mini they are provide candle chart live but not indicator can you use this link with provide indicator I’m awaiting your replay as soon as

  63. Sir i want to download of brocotrader software how to get the same? Please reply soon,Thank you.

  64. Can you give lead, zinc, aluminium charts like copper, gold, silver,crude in your website. and also give the targets of mcx commodities like nifty future and options

  65. Hello sir

    How to copy this softwere plz give me your softwere link and demo plz sir thank u plz

  66. plz give me a link to download broco metatrader 5 live chat software, i can’t found this software.

  67. Dear sir,

    I want download broco software pls contact me sir.

    with regards,

    kamal savlani


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