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How to Send Push Notifications from your Metatrader 4 to Android , iPhone, iPAD

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This post will guide you how to Send Push Notification Alerts to your Android, iPhone or iPAD device from your
Metatrader 4 desktop client terminal. This could be a extremely useful feature to alert you with push notifications in your mobile device whenever the indicator is providing a buy or sell signal and you are away from your Metatrader 4 trader terminal. This post will explain how to set up push notifications for your IPAD device, but the steps are almost identical for Android Device.

Send push notification IPAD alerts

What’s required?
– MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 427 or later (check your version from Help > About)
– MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 427 or later (check your version from Menu > About)

Step 1: Find your “MetaQuotes ID”
The MetaQuotes ID is a unique code assigned to your device. On your mobile device, download and open MetaTrader 4 mobile. Go to the settings menu. Scroll down to the “Messages” header. You will see “MetaQuotes ID” and an 8-character code as shown below.

MT4 Alerts

Step 2: Enter your MetaQuotes ID in the client terminal settings
Open the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal. Click Tools > Options for the options menu. Click on the “Notifications” tab. Check the box “Enable Push Notifications.” Enter your MetaQuotes ID.

Send Pushnotifications

Step 3: Test your connection
After you enter your MetaQuotes ID, click “Test.” This will generate a test message to your mobile device. It will prompt you to check your journal. You can look in the “Journal” tab of the terminal window to confirm the notification was sent. If set up properly, you will receive a notification in your status bar and in the “Messages” area of MT4 Mobile.

Step 4: Send Alerts from your mql 4 indicator.

Recently SendNotification function has been recently added in mql4 lanquage which is use to send push notifications to your android / IOS devices just like sms or email alerts.

Here are the Buy and Sell functions added to the supertrend function to send push notifications. Now to get push notification just drag and drop the indicator on your MT4 terminal and while you are going away from your MT4 terminal get supertrend Buy/Sell Signal alerts in you mobile/tablet.

SendNotification(Symbol()+ ” “+ Period()+ “MIN Supertrend BUY “);
SendNotification(Symbol()+ ” “+ Period()+ “MIN Supertrend SELL “);

Download Non Repainting Supertrend Indicator which sends push notifications from your MT4 client terminal to your Android/IOS Device.

Download Supertrend v1.2 Alert – Marketcalls indicator

Steps for installing Supertrend MT4 indicator
1) Download/Copy/Save the EX4 file into your C:Program FilesMetaTrader 4expertsindicators folder .
2) Launch your MetaTrader application
3) On the left hand side, look for the “Navigator” window
4) Under the “Common” tab, look into the “Custom Indicators” directory
5) Locate the indicator which you have just downloaded into the folder stated in Step 1
6) Drag (Click and drag) the indicator onto the chart
7) Bingo… done now start getting push notifications to your Android or IOS devices.

Another way of getting alerts is by Using Notification

Notifications are set up in the same way other “Alerts” are set up with MT4. From the terminal window, go to the “Alerts” tab. Right click in the white area, and click “Create.”


– Check the “Enable” box
– Action: Set to “Notification”
– Symbol: Choose a symbol (e.g. EURUSD)
– Condition: Choose the reason to receive the message (e.g. Ask >)
– Value: Enter a quote or time value (e.g. 1.25965)
– Source: Enter your desired notification message (e.g. “EURUSD has hit a price above 1.25965″)
– Timeout: This is an irrelevant field for these types of notifications.

Click “Test.” The notification text should immediately be sent to your mobile device.
Click OK to enable this notification rule. It will send a notification only once.

Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

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      1. hello i am new to all this and i was going through with difficulty can you kindly assist me please thank you .

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for the indicator. There aren’t many out there right now that send the mobile alerts. Thanks for the indicator.

      1. Thanks for the indicators I love the ability to have push notifications. I did have a question about one of the settings on the supertrend v1.2 alert. What is the sleep timer alert do? Its set at 240. What does that setting adjust with the indicator.

        Thanks again and keep up the good work. Your site is very helpful.

  2. Dear Rajandran!

    Do you have trend line (break) alert indicator with notifications?

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  3. Dear raj,

    Can the same thing be done on Amibroker ,,,,?

    i want amibroker buy/sell message send to website and same buy/sell signal mobile phone possible?

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  5. how to setting multipal android device notification. one time single or more. pls reply. thanks

  6. Hi, can these alert notification work on any other indicator? or only on supertrend indicator?

  7. Hi Rajandran,
    I’ve got notifications coming through from MT4 to my iPhone.
    The thing is, I only want a notification when a trade is closed. ie to get the Profit or Loss.
    I don’t need to see when stops get moved and/or entries.
    Any tips?

  8. Hi Rajandran,
    I only receive push notification after opening the MT4 mobile app. Do you know any possible reason for this.

  9. Thanks for value info,

    Could you help me out how to store this alerts to a text file.



  10. Hi community.

    Is it possible to delete the HEADER (Account ID – Account Name) from the notification which is sent to the mobile?


  11. very good but this push notification quite limited without entry pricing, SL and TP.
    at least we can set certain SL and TP in the indicator.

    well done and I hope you can make better one.

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