Nifty : Weekly and Daily Profile charts

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This is the First guest post from Mr Sanjay Jaiswal a Market Profile Expert and author of MarketPulse S&P.

Nifty Weekly Profile:

Value Area:VAH-5619, POC-5524, VAL-5425
Nifty Daily Profile:

Value Area:VAH-5619, POC-5603, VAL-5586


As can be seen that Nifty opened above Value Areas which itself was bullish sign and the new values were created outside of the previous day’s value. Now for Tuesday an open over 5619 will be Bullish, but if 5619 is breached from the up then we can re-visit 5586. Coming to the Weekly Profile the Value areas are 5619-5524-5425, so staying below 5619 will be weak, with 5524, 5425 could be targets, but staying above 5619, new highs are possible.

And last of all Thank You Rajandran R for giving me the chance to post on your Blog.

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5 Replies to “Nifty : Weekly and Daily Profile charts”

  1. thanx for the article we need more about basic of market profile. any way is there readymade indicater in ninjatrader for market profile

  2. Hello Mr. Sanjay Jaiswal ,

    Thanks for your Market profile Post, Could you Please post the afl for market profile.

  3. A quick check on the profile posted above after 2 days of trade from Tuesday-Wednesday, we saw that Nifty was unable to sustain above 5619 and nosedived towards the POC at 5524 and closed at 5518.10. Now sustaining below 5524, we can complete the 80% rule of VAH to VAL at 5425. I will post some write-ups on Market Profile as and when I get time. Right now I am suffering from severe cough and cold with bouts of fever.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanjay Kr Jaiswal

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