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Now Send Money Directly to Indian Bank Account using Western Union Money Transfer

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Speed networking is the need of the hour. People find themselves in a tearing pace of hurry. There is a growing focus on minimizing the wastage of time. From shopping to transferring money; it has become a whole new saga of racing against time. The logic is too simple to appreciate. You, and for that matter everyone wants maximum results. But simultaneously, you want to achieve it all, in as little time as possible. A company by the name of Western Union has gone a long way towards refining the concept of money transfer.

Western Union Money Transfer


Breaking the barriers

Nowadays, the geographical barrier is not a constraining factor. Here again, the digital platform has chipped in to revolutionize the concept of money transfer. The online accessibility has also worked to the advantage of all and sundry. In minutes’ time money transfer becomes possible, and distance ceases to remain as an inhibiting factor. As insisted time and again, the increasing emphasis is on time optimization. In view of this, the Western Union has come up with one of the most time-effective schemes of money transfer.

Taking the stride towards betterment

Western Union Money Transfer now facilitates direct bank based transfers. It is supposed to be a major contributor to the cause of the global payment. Its networking system ensures worldwide operation. Now, it has walked another extra mile to enhance its system of networking.  The thrust has been on linking the retail platform to the digitally operational, transactional sites. The endeavor is in its nascent stage. As a result, the facility has earmarked only a few of the countries. The countries thus selected can afford to work the advanced system to their advantage.

Enhancing the operational base

Consequently, it will not take more than few minutes to go about the deals of money transfer. The recipients are supposed to be the Indian banks. Here again, the payment facilitator has decided to identify only a selected number of Indian banks.  It is not difficult to understand that the focus has been on adding to the cuts and dimensions of the IMPS. The latter has a proactive role to play in streamlining the objectives of money transfer.

Then now and after

You want to go fast and furious, and with the users’ insistence being on curtailing the wastage of time, energy, and effort; the IMPS comes in as an advantageous ace. On account of the latest round of digitalization; the users at both the ends can further minimize the wastage of time. Previously, the focus was on accomplishing funds delivery within the span of a working day. But now, the similar accomplishment will not take more than a few minutes. Users have the twin options for using cash and cards. At the location of the participating agent, you can either use cash or the cards of debit. But if you seek to transfer fund from the Western Union’s website, you have the option for using both the credit, as well as, the debit card. As many as one-hundred and forty Indian banks have access to this speedy system of delivery. In the years to come, one anticipates things to become even swifter and better than what it is currently.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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