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Now Pay your Bills with Vodafone M-Pesa Wallet

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India’s second biggest telecommunications company i.e. Vodafone Indian declared their new invoice transaction Smart cell phone pockets app – M-Pesa. The program has been released across all the significant Smart cell phone systems such as Android operating system, iOS, Blackberry mobile phones OS and Ms windows Phone as well. The app is mainly focused at the on the internet invoice transaction and cellular renew performance.

Vodafone M-Pesa Wallet

Vodafone M-Pesa support has been around for a while now, which permitted clients to quickly deliver cash to any person. The M-Pesa has been providing lots of competitors to Airtel Money which is provide identical performance. M-Pesa App is available across all significant systems such as Android operating system, iPhone, BB and Ms Windows.

Vodafone’s new m-Pesa app is free to obtain from any app shop. A customer can quickly make the transaction of bills; renew the pre-paid figures among other things. M-Pesa has a pockets performance that allows clients to fill cash to pockets through either Net Financial or Charge cards. The cash can then be used to pay expenses and do cellular restores on the go.

The app could also be very valuable for the learners because they can fill once monthly amount on the m-Pesa app for the comfort of restores. “With the ‘M-Pesa App’, customers can very ideally renew their cellular & DTH, pay their post-paid, power, gas and residential expenses from their cellular with a just click of few control buttons,” Vodafone included.

To entice clients to M-Pesa pockets, Vodafone has declared 5% cash return on expenses made through the pockets. However, the highest possible procuring available will be Rs. 50 monthly.

Features of Vodafone M-Pesa App

  • Recharge any pre-paid variety (Vodafone and other operators)
  • Recharge any DTH connection
  • Recharge a High speed internet connection
  • Recharge a Post-paid Vodafone number
  • Pay your Application Bills
  • Online shopping
  • Instant Exchange to any financial institution account/ M-Pesa wallet
  • Nearby Broker Locator

At the release Vodafone also described that the app is extremely properly secured and special attention has been compensated to protect the delicate customer information. Organization considers that the app will definitely bring a change in the way people make invoice expenses and restores. The company said the app was extremely protected and safe and had been designed to encourage and provide the convenience and comfort to all its clients to exchange money immediately, pay expenses, and renew mobile phones, etc. through their mobile device.

The company declaration said, “With a pan-India submission of over 90,000 providers and more than 3 thousand clients, Vodafone-Pesa is the biggest financial reporter in the nation and is enjoying an important part in allowing financial addition and m-commerce”. Vodafone is also preparing to level the app’s utilization in more places in the long run. Vodafone Indian has released the ‘M-Pesa App’ that will allow customers to pay their expenses and renew their cell cellular phones from anywhere.

The Vodafone M-Pesa can be energized or packed through net financial as well as by an atm card.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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