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MobiKwik Offline Wallet to Pay your CCD Coffee Outlet Bills

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For last few years, the world has seen many changes in the technical front. There has been a boom in social networking, the cell phone has become smart and still becoming smarter more than before with passing time, the shopping has seen a radical change for e-shopping, the business along with join this sector and so many.

Few Words:

Mobile Wallet: MobiKwik

Mobikwik Mobile wallet is an online prepaid account. The idea to develop this type of wallet came from online shopping (e-shopping).

A customer when use an online shopping site to make a purchase or transaction, he or she need to enter his credit or debit card detail along with the secret pin. This instance many time endangered a consumer by letting the hacker to steal his id and the pin. This identity theft let to malpractice of the customer’s banking details.

Mobikwick CCD Wallet

Mobile wallet assures a customer by letting him or her to transact by using his or cell phone. The pin and other id details remains classified with customer as he or she is not sharing on a payment gateway, but, on the personal cell phone.

MobiKwik was founded focusing on this concept and letting the payments to be secure and easy. It’s a semi closed authorized wallet from Reserve Bank of India. And over 15 million is using the wallet for their payment at various online platforms, like mobile recharge, besides payments at e-commerce sites.

Café Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day (CCD) was established to provide a space for sitting down and chatting while enjoying a wide range of coffee with various snacks. The outlets of CCD, a part of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Limited (ABCTCL), are spread over the country and there’re more than 1500 outlets.

In Short:

The Reasons Mobile Wallet Tapping Offline Market

Mobile wallet has made the payment at e-commerce sites very much convenient and easier. So when it join with offline market it become more dynamic because these days stuffing wallet with cash is consider as “not so cool” but carrying card is; the mobile wallet is a “cool” thing as smart cell phone becomes the mode of payment. With this join the security of the payment.



Addition to “Lot”

MobiKwik recently forge a partnership with this coffee shop chain. It’s a big step for them because mobile wallet is “cool” to the youth-the frequent visitors to the shops and with approx 15 million users they are letting their users to enjoy the coffee at any outlet. The user i.e. the visitor only needs to follow three simple steps to pay the bill by MobiKwik:

  1. Expressing the interest of payment with the wallet and thus sharing the cell number.
  2. A One Time Password (OTP) will be received by the payer to share at the counter.
  3. Your payment is done successfully and easily.

The Vision:

This article will not be complete without sharing the vision of Founder and CEO of MobiKwik Bipin Preet Singh:”…We want to make sure that in the next few years, MobiKwik wallet is accepted at each and every ‘Kirana’ store, chemist shop and restaurant in India”


Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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