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Know where the Indian coins come from

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It is widely known that the Indian Rupee notes are printed in Nasik, a city in Maharashtra.

Ever wondered where the Indian coins come from?

The Indian coins are made in the four major Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. There are also signs in the coin to indicate the place where it was made. Let us know how!

Every coin bears the year it was made at the bottom on the head side of the coin.

Beneath the year, is the sign which denotes the place where the coin was made.

A dot for Noida
A diamond for Mumbai
A star or a diamond,a split diamond, and a dot in the diamond for Hyderabad
If there is no sign, it means it was made in Kolkata

Now, start looking for coins around you and know where it was made 🙂

~~ Based on an article shared in Facebook

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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  1. That was indeed helpful. First of all it made us think where it came from and now we have come to know what each sign mean. Keep sharing such good info.

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