ChatGPT4 Interpretation About USDINR Price Action Analysis

I'm impressed by the analytical and reasoning capabilities of ChatGPT4, which inspired me to evaluate its image-processing skills, specifically in interpreting basic candlestick charts....
Rajandran R
2 min read

Simplifying Money Transfers: The New IMPS Rule

In today's fast-paced world, the ease of online money transfers has become an indispensable part of our financial lives. Whether it's paying bills, sending...
Rajandran R
2 min read

Technical Analysis: USDINR Trading Range Breakout and RBI’s Monetary…

Since October 2022, the USDINR currency pair has exhibited a notable compression in its trading range, with a significant resistance level observed around 83....
Rajandran R
1 min read

29 Replies to “E-Toro – Online Forex trading Possible in India?”

  1. Hi Raj,
    According to ur NMA indicator the stoploss for nifty spot was 5512.23 and yesterday i did breaced by 2 points and high was 5513.95, but the history of ur chart says that it didnt even touch this indicator before,and gave some fantastic returns. so please tell us weather its ok to overlook say 5-10 points or even 2 points holds significance.
    Pls do reply me Sir since i stuck in shorts at lower levels.
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Bhrat Jain

  2. sir ,
    moreover Candles used in NMA charts are completely diffrent from the usual one…. >>> this the chart posted by you of nma on daily basis is not posing the true picture .

  3. Quite Impressive..!

    I trade with forex4you even they have fantastic support. I like their services and trading terminal. If i am not wrong then they are the first forex broker in India with office in Mumbai.

    I don’t know whether etoro has their office in India?

  4. Hi Raj,

    I just found your website and a lot of thanks to you for what your doing here in the web site. It’s really a great effort put by you. Best of luck for your success.

    I just went through the column of forex trading in INDIA. Can you please just tell me whether FORX TRADING IN INDIA is legal or not? If legal, is there any good broker?


  5. 3 questions
    1. Is this legal ?
    2. Is tax deducted at source for every transaction
    3. What is the process of declaring income during IT filing

    1. Hi sani. “etroro is a bucketshop”. What do u mean by this and why. Please say in detail as am about to invest in forex through this company. Thank you.

  6. Hi RR ,which bank i can use to open account in etoro with my debit card. i am having account in state bank of india and hdfc bank.

  7. hi rajandran,my name is shajahan and i have an account in etoro. but i didn’t invest anything yet..i would like to know is it legal in our country?and if i invest some amount can i withdraw it later?is there any problem with that?if there is a problem how can i trade in etoro??pleases help me with this..i am so desperate for a reply…

  8. Hi Mr. Rajendra ,which bank i can use to open account in etoro with my debit card. i am having hdfc bank.
    i have account in skrill (money booker) but its not verifying my debit card so many times i tried.
    how i can deposit and widraw funds from etoro.

  9. Hi,I used this site and deposited some amount a year before via my credit card but now i cant deposit a single penny via the same card, it showing that my bank (AXIS) does not allow to did it, and my credit card statement also shown that as per the RBI rules we should not use our credit card for Forex trading. but i dont know why it happens a year before and not now, the sad thing is, I even could not fund my account using my debit card as well. even pay pal also showing error.. i tried this almost 50 times but cant succeed, does any one had same problem????

  10. Hi rajendran,
    Nice to read your posts.
    Is it possible to open an bank account outside India say like Hongkong, and transfer fund to etoro? I see lots of Indians still trade and earn in that site. Please give a suggession.

    1. Yes thats possible as most of the hedgefunds either choose mauritius, cyprus, hong kong to route their money. But still its advisable to check with your financial advisor/auditor to understand the currency risk and taxation.

  11. Hello sir..Good day..!!
    First of all I highly appreciate your effort done by you to make people’s life easier.
    Just wanted to know that if you are doing trade on etoro..? If yes, I would like to come with you on etoro. Please reply me as soon as possible..

    Zubair Alam, Saudi Arabia (NRI)

  12. Dear Mr. Rajendran,
    Shall I Start Trading In Etoro? It seem Etoro doesnot trading in INR. What to do?

  13. Sir, I have invested in forex with a person in Pune, Rajesh Kamble of Evolve Consultancy. Good returns for over one year, but from January nothing, no payment and no return of capital also. He trades through etoro, has visited Cyprus, and also opened an office in Dubai lately. All agreements are in Indian rupee. What are the chances I will get my money back, which he now claims he will pay in February ? Will a promisery note with a post dated cheque help me?

  14. If the Etoro trading is illegal in India then Why should we select e – toro broker to trade. Any one can reply me , Which broker or which trade is legitimate and legal.

  15. how can start the forex treding in india i am expert in demo treding in eurusd but how can start the live account in forex this is out of mind because RBI are not verify to tred on eurusd only tred inr related currency .many peopul of indian want to tred in eurusd but not any proper website who is accept the money through RBI this is the major problem for withdrawal and deposite please advise me how can start live account in forex deposite and withdrawl proseeser no any problem for treding

  16. How to deposit or withdraw Indian rupee from. E toro a/c reply us tell us which bank deal in foreign trade

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