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E-Money Order Making Your Money Transfer Easier

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People, who held strong belief in money orders, can breathe easy as Government has come up with the idea of e-money orders that takes just one day to send money rather than a week. This year has brought a new wave of excitement within the people when Department of Posts was able to take this step and introduce the e-money orders to the general mass. It is in the news that Department of Posts has started procuring digital handheld terminals to transform various services especially electronic money order service, which will be made available in more than 70 percent of post offices that is around 1.55lakh post offices in India, by the end of this year. The plan is still under process but the Department of Posts is working hard on the plan to provide electronic money order facility to most of the post offices in India.

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The following of the introduction of the e-money order service, there has been a remarkable growth difference of 118.4 crore in the commission from money order for the financial year 2014-2015. At present there are about 25000 department post offices now have electronic money order service. And with the help of this service, Indian Post is capable of remitting money next day to the door steps that initially used to take more than a week and hell lot of paper work. It’s unlike any private companies that have come up mobile money transfer technology.

The involvement of Government has made it possible to trust this service and has surely made money order secure and fast service. This service is available all over the country and can be used anywhere in India without much complications. The only thing that remains same is that even now a postman will be required to physically collect all the pay orders from the nearest computerized post office. Introduction of digital handheld devices are also under talks. Once they are introduced to extra- departmental post offices that are operated by gramin dak sevas, the money remittance is expected to be reduced a great deal. The maximum limit of the amount that can be sent through electronic money order is Rs 5000. India post has also started the instant money order service through one will be able to send maximum of Rs 50,000 anywhere all over the country in a jiffy.

India post has been able to provide a number of remittance services to meet the demands of various sections of the society till date. Now Indian Post has come up with so many remittance services for both, domestic and international, that it has not just opened new routes to others but also for itself. The remarkable growth in the commission is the proof of success of the new services added to the list. This web enabled remittances has made the route for money transfer lot easier and secure not just for the users but also for the post offices. Now it’s time for the post offices to be web based.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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