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E-Will – Now Make Your Will Online

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People earn money, spend money and save money. But there comes a time when everyone needs to contemplate on one thing and that is how to carry forward the earnings of one’s whole life? We are living in such an age when we have technology at our disposal. Apart from every other thing we also get various finance related services from it. The age of internet has made everything simple. Be it sending money overseas or buying something online, be it depositing money or paying the electricity bills everything has been made simple with internet.



Every bank, now, has online services to support their customers. From earning money to spending it, the banks are there to help you with numerous services. And the latest addition to this array of services is the online option to prepare the will. National Securities Depository Limited or NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure and HDFC Securities have joined hands with Warmond Trustees and Executors to introduce the e-Will services. This was launched last month to support various customers to prepare their Will without going to a lawyer.

Until now financial institutions had lot of services like savings, insurance, electronic transactions and investment solutions etc. This latest inclusion has completed the circle of finance related services.

It is very easy to create an E-will. In this service one gets the option to create their will. One has to log in to the portal and s/he will find a ready format of the will. Then s/he has to fill up the spaces and has to provide necessary information to complete the process. Making a will is a very thoughtful and time consuming matter. One can save the draft midway and can work on that later. One can take multiple attempts before finalizing and for that one will get quite a long time. As it is a online process, one can prepare this at any convenient time and at any place. After the completion the draft will be forwarded to the lawyer for consideration and approval. The financial and legal institutions that are providing such services have specialized lawyers to address various communities like Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Parsis. There is also guidance manual and FAQ segment to guide the users. It takes very short time to complete the whole process.

After submitting all the required information the financial firm sends a draft copy to the user for consideration. The user can determine whether she/he wants a soft copy of the will or a delivery to the door step. The whole process has been made with utmost care leaving all the chances of misunderstanding. This unique step not only ensures the future of the concerned person but also assures a legal and smooth carry forward of the hard earned money.

Create your own E-Will Now with HDFC Securities

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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