Top 5 Fundamental Screeners Every Indian Investor Should Know

Stock screening is a process of filtering stocks based on certain criteria used by investors and traders to screen better stocks from the pack...
Kalaivani Pandian
4 min read

Trador – Option Strategy Analysis for Indian Traders

Trador is a option analytics tool for Indian Traders and do also provide for United States, Canada Stock and Index Option analytics. It is...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Access Now Online Anywhere Any Device

Now Online is a popular trading terminal provided by most of the discount brokers (For NSE & BSE Stocks, Futures, Currency Derivatives). It is...
Rajandran R
43 sec read

ET Markets – Android App for Investors and Market…

ET Markets Android app from Times Internet Group is yet another app for the one who wants to track the market on the go....
Rajandran R
2 min read

Stockflare – Stock Analytics Made Simple to Investors

Stockflare is a free online stock analytics tool which monitors more than 43,000 stocks around the world across 196 countries and assigns a 5...
Rajandran R
1 min read

RRG Graph Using Market Analyst to Study Indian Sectors

Budget 2015 event is nearing and it is time to study which is the best sector to invest. We use RRG Graph to study...
Rajandran R
33 sec read

RRG – Relative Rotation Graph Explained

Relative Rotation Graph (RRG) is a proprietery visualization tool to study and analyze trend in stocks/index with respect to the benchmark index. RRG is...
Rajandran R
49 sec read

NestRTD – Nest/Now to Amibroker Feeder – Open Source…

Amibroker Feeder is a C++ RTD client for Nest/NOW which Feeds realtime data to Amibroker. This utility also included a basic backfill...
Rajandran R
1 min read

NSE and BSE Windows 8 App Review

If you had never explored NSE and BSE Exchange app in your windows 8 pc/mobile/tablet then it is a must watch for anyone willing...
Rajandran R
47 sec read

Economic Times using ChartIQ Realtime Charts

Nice initiative from Economic times as it started using ChartIQ Realtime Charts in its technical analysis charting section for NSE and BSE stocks and...
Rajandran R
51 sec read

QuantConnect C# Algorithmic Trading Platform in a Browser

QuantConnect provides an online algorithm development environment. Through their portal you can write C# and test algorithms over 15 years of stock data for...
Jared Broad
44 sec read

Working Solution for Options Oracle

is one of the best option analaysis tool for Indian stock markets and Option traders in india had a strong affinity towards that open...
Rajandran R
30 sec read