Jared Broad

  https://www.quantconnect.com Jared Broad is the founder and CEO of QuantConnect - a web based algorithm trading platform, combining a powerful cloud with 15 years free financial data. Clone open-sourced trading algorithms from the community and trade them on your own brokerage account. Sign up for free at QuantConnect.com


5 Stories by Jared Broad

Rotating Inversely Correlated Assets – NIFTY and USDINR

Rotating inversely correlated assets to select the top performer. We achieved a 2x gain on underlying asset performance tracking the USDINR - NIFTY.
4 1 min read

RSI Indicator with Martingale Position Sizing

Martingale is a bet sizing technique for increasing odds of winning at the expense of increased risk. The classic example is a coin flipping...
0 2 min read

The Importance of Benchmarking

Selecting the right benchmarking technique and index can be critical for truly understanding your strategy success. In this post we benchmark the Sell in...
0 1 min read

The Moving Average Cross Strategy – 3 Common Implementation Mistakes

While Implementing algotrading strategies we see several very common mistakes by the coders even in the most basic strategies. we wanted to start by...
1 41 sec read

QuantConnect C# Algorithmic Trading Platform in a Browser

QuantConnect provides an online algorithm development environment. Through their portal you can write C# and test algorithms over 15 years of stock data for...
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