Gold technical outlook – Unable to sustain on higher…

Now gold is trading around $1324 & as we can see on chart, it has given up all the upside move which came after...
Mantraa Commodity
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Gold Technical Analysis week starting Dec 5th 2011

Gold has been trading in a narrow range since November. It just oscillates between 1000 point range of 28300 to 29300. At the same...
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Gold Plunges to 6 Weeks Low and trading below…

Gold crashed below 4 weeks low today as the dollar's rally cut demand for the metal as an alternative asset and there is a...
Rajandran R
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Gold – Sell Signal on 5EMA High-Low Charts with…

The trend of gold is tremendous, since july 2011 gold has gained nearly $400/ounce and the raise in gold due to poor global macro...
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Gold Trending Down?

Daily charts of Gold Charts(Dollar Denominated shows that Ichimoku Cloud resistance near 1225-1245 zone. Outlook for the Gold looks trending downwards in medium term.
Rajandran R
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Gold and Hangseng under Ichimoku Resistance

Weekly Chart of Dollar Denominated Gold Future Charts and Hangseng Index Weekly Charts are shown. As of now both trades weaker and under the...
Rajandran R
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GANN FAN with Gold Bees

  GANN FAN Charts for GOLD BEES shows that Gold Bees bouncing from theGANN FAN Support zone Rs1660. Ideal trade is to buy...
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Should Nifty Traders take cues from Baltic Dry Index?

  Baltic Dry Index is often referred as the leading indicator of th economy. The index measures the demand for shipping capacity versus the...
Rajandran R
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Fundamentals and External Factors are Hard to Trade

Here is  cute overview of the relationship between fundamentals and the DOW over at Macrotactics: GM chapter 11 = PRICED IN125K+ jobs lost from...
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Gold-OIL Ratio turning up once again

  Gold / Oil ratio refers to how much crude oil can be bought with one ounce of Gold. With gold at $1000...
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USD Index Bottomed Out???

  Charts of USD Dollar Index shows a Basic 5 wave elliot  corrective structure ending with strong Positive momentum Divergence which is clearly visible...
Rajandran R
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Gold and Bearish Negative Divergence

  Gold is making a bigger Divergences in daily charts with base supports(55 EMA) near $930. Below 930 it warns a  testing of...
Rajandran R
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