High Probability breakdown in USD Index

  Still now FII's are pumping money inside india due to the depreciation of the the USD Index. Thought not much fundamental improvement visible...
Rajandran R
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Will FII’s Pull their money out of India in…

  USD Index can be consider one of the benchamark for measuring FII Inflows. In shorter words declining USD Index will attract FII inflows...
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Simple Slope indicator for Investors to know the current…

Chart shows the current trend for Crude, Gold , Silver, Nifty, Dow, Nikkei, Shangai (SSEC), Infosys ADR and Satyam ADR, USD Index with Slope...
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Bullish Gold towards fresh breakout

  Weekly gold charts shows Gold Trading above 13,34,55 Weekly EMA which shows the strength of the trend.And likely to make newer high...
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Gold Still in Uptrend

  Gold Charts shows the formation of simple elliot patterns with 1-5 impulse waves followed by a,b,c corrective  waves. Chart also shows that...
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Will the Uptrend in Gold Sustains?: Analysis

  Gold is in a strong upmove starting right from near to end of october month onwards after hitting a low of $681...
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DOW-GOLD Ratio touched new low

The Dow/Gold Ratio chart shows the ratio of the price of the Dow to the price of gold. Another way to look at it...
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Gold-Oil Ratio Lookup

Gold / Oil ratio refers to how much crude oil can be bought with one ounce of Gold. With gold at $840 per ounce...
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Gold Holds Weekly Support Holds

  CMP : $839 $825 Support Holds on Weekly basis… Now needs a consolidated weeks for an uptrend in gold. Check out our...
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Gold Testing Resistance Zone $825

  Gold is testing the Weekly support level of $825 as said in .Bull Market for Gold Starts.  And Also breaks and closes...
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Bull Market for Gold Starts.

  This Charts is for those who love EMA Trading System Before going to the picture EMA Traders will agree a concept that...
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High Pole Warning in Gold

  Gold CMP : $881.71   Though Gold had made a +11.70% gain yesterday it has made a High Pole reversal warning(on 31st,...
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