GANN FAN is one of my famous research indicator which iam trying to apply for long term and shorter term investing


Fresh Breakout in Glenmark Pharma

  Charts are older one. But Glenmark Warns a heavy buying pressure with breakout with heavier volumes yesterday. GANN Chart also confirm the...
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Sensex Gann Chart Update

  Gann Chart for Sensex Shows a fresh breakout above 14880 zone, And Currently once again 14800-14880 zone will be act as a...
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Sensex Long Term GANN Chart

  Sensex  Likely to resist near 14800-14880 zone. Breakout will take sensex to 16200.Else Targets are 14000, 12000 and 8000 Source:
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Nifty Hourly Charts – Gann Charts

  Clear Resistance near 4440-4450 zone. If resist near then in short term nifty willlikely to test 4280 zone. Breakout above 4450 Zone...
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Aban 15 min Charts with GANN Indicator

  Aban 15 min Charts shows that it is likely to test resistance near 900 zone.Resisting near 900 Zone and fallout below 830(weekly...
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GANN Chart for Bearish Bharti

  Daily Gann Charts for Bharti indicate a EOD resistance Near 790 and Supports near 770 levels. Fresh Breakout above 790 and Breakdown...
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Nifty Gann Fan Charts for 17 July 2009

  Nifty though shoots above Gann Fan in todays opening session. But failed to close above the Breakout Fann line. So Possibly in...
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Nifty Hourly Gann Fan Charts

  Lines of Gann Fan are built at different angles from an important base or peak at the price chart. The trend line...
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