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Things You Need To Know About Virtual Credit Cards

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With online shopping becoming one of the craze in the nation, people get the freedom to buy anything and everything over the internet. By means of online shopping, one can buy innumerable products from anywhere without any restricted geographical border. However, shopping over the internet portals are not always safe. When a user enters his/ her credit card details, he is exposing the credit limit to the online fraudsters which could be utilised in wrong way. Hence, it is wise to take precautionary measures in order to keep the online transactions safe and secured. There are several mean of keeping your online transaction safe and secured, although it is not really safe when payments are being made to sites, that could be insecure. In order to address such issues, banks have come up with Virtual Credit Card, which is one time transaction, limited period card.



Coming to the point, what exactly are Virtual Cards, it could be defined as online cards that are not issued to an individual physically. It is a service that is offered by the banks to its customers those who are willing to make online payments via their credit cards. The major financial institution that offers the virtual Credit card facility are-


  • SBI Virtual Card

  • Axis Bank e-Wallet Card

  • HDFC NetSafe

  • Kotak netc@rd

The product is named differently at different banks, however, the product remains the same. Credit card holders can use the virtual credit card facility of they opt for net banking, by providing their card details. As one provides the bank with the necessary credit card details, the bank in turn will provide them with a 16 digit virtual card number, expiry date as well as CVV number. One can top up the virtual card as per requirement and the requisite amount will ne credited in the virtual credit card, which can be used as per need.

Things to know about Virtual Credit Card:

Some of the vitals points about Virtual Credit Card that makes it one of its kinds and make them safe and useful are as follows:

  • Virtual credit card holders are allowed the minimum credit card limit of Rs. 100 and maximum credit limit of Rs. 50,000 per day.

  • Virtual Credit cards are valid for 24 to 48 hours, however, the validity of the card depends on the banks that is providing the facility and it may vary

  • Customers can make only one payment with the virtual card, so it is better to use the entire balance in the card

  • The virtual card is available to the primary cardholder and not to the secondary holder

  • Virtual credits cards do not have any physical existence, hence risk is less for card cloning.

  • After the usage of the card, of there is any amount left in the card, that will be credited back to the customers’ account.

Virtual cards can be generated with the customer’s debit card as well, in case if the customer does not have a credit card. Also, e-wallet can also be generated and set up against the saving’s account of the customer’s savings account.

There are several private websites too that offers virtual card facility too. The best part about virtual credit card is that, it is completely controlled by the user as per the terms of its validity, usage and credit limit.


Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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