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Make Your Mobile Phone Your ATM Card

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ICICI Bank’s smsNcash, an online service facility is quite a secure, convenient and user-friendly method of sending money in forms of cash to any other person, located anywhere in India. If you are an ICICI bank customer, you can send money to any friend or relative of yours at any point of time. All you need to do is log into your ICICI bank account using your id and password. Once you login, initiate the smsNcash transaction application. The concerned person is at the receiving end will get transaction details through sms in his phone. He can use those details and withdraw money from any ICICI Bank ATM anywhere in India without having any bank account and without using ATM card.




Register the beneficiary

The steps to apply for smsNcash are explained by the following process. You need to go first to, the bank website. On entering the website, you have to log into your ICICI bank account with your user id and password. After completing the login formalities, you have to register a beneficiary. There are certain steps to be followed to register a beneficiary. You have to access ‘manage payee section’ where you will find smsNcash option. You have to enter the recipient’s contact details like name, mobile number and address after selecting the option. The concerned person is registered, on confirming with the unique registration number received in your phone.

Share the 4-digit code with recipient

After registering the recipient, you need to go to ‘Transfer’ section and select smsNcash once again. You need to select the account and the recipient for smsNcash, from the list of registered recipients. The amount you want to transfer has to be entered. You have to authorize the transactions, with the help of your debit card grid. Once you complete it, the amount selected is transferred to the recipient account instantaneously. Once the transaction is over, you get a unique 4-digit code through sms in your phone which you need to share with the person whom you are transferring the money. The receiver also gets a code of 6 digits.

Complete the withdrawal steps

The recipient has to visit the ATM of any ICICI bank. He has to enter his mobile number details. He has to enter the 4 digit unique code that you have sent him. He also has to put the 6-digit unique code which he has received as a sms in his phone. This completes the formalities of the recipient. After this, he gets the cash money in INR. The cash money is dispensed to him only after the successful completion of all these steps by the recipient. There is one more condition to be followed by the recipient. He has to withdraw the entire amount at once in a single transaction.

Advantages over conventional money transfer

There are certain advantages in this process of advanced money transfer. This process of smsNcash money transfer service can be availed the sender round the clock from anywhere in India. The person, who receives the cash, need not have a bank account. It ensures a safe and convenient method of money transfer. The person receiving the money can withdraw it without the usage of an ATM card. The cash can be withdrawn from any ATM branch of ICICI bank, which are available in abundance in any part of India. If there is any inconvenience, during the transaction like mismatch of code details, the transaction is prohibited and the amount is safely returned to the user’s account.

Vidhyaa Sree Vidhyaa Sree is a freelancer/Content Writer and author of

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