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NimbleDatapro 2 – Tick by Tick data Connection Setup Guide for Amibroker

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NimbleDataPro2 is the new and improved data manager from Globaldatafeeds (exchange authorized data vendor for NSE Cash, NSE FFO, MCX and NSE CDS segments). Nimbledatapro2 is completely re-written NimbleDataPro with advanced features like tick charts, even faster backfills, automated trial & licensing, support for 32 / 64bit AmiBroker.

Features of Nimbledatapro2

  1. Supports 32bit & 64bit AmiBroker.
  2. Automated Free Trial.
  3. Supports Tick (realtime and backfill) and 1minute data (backfill 1minute, realtime tick by tick).
  4. Even faster data backfills.
  5. Fully automated User Licensing System.
  6. Fully automated User License Transfer to new PC.
  7. Automatic Login. No need to enter login id, passwords, etc.
  8. voice alert on internet disconnection
  9. Supports NSE F&O, NSE Cash, NSE Currency & MCX.
  10. T&S data.

Installation Guide for Nimbledatapro2

1)Prior to Installing Nimbledatapro2 ensure that Amibroker 32bit or 64bit is installed in your windows machine. You need a licensed version of Amibroker to support tick by tick data base. If you are using trial version then you will get only real-time 1minute data as the base interval.

2)Download Nimbledatapro2 Installer and Run the Installer which brings the Installation setup wizard. Press Next button to Proceed

3)Select your Amibroker Installed Version – 32bit or 64bit and Press Next again

4)Select I Accept the Agreement and Press Next again

5)Information about Amibroker directory selection arrives. Press Next to continue installation

6)Select the path where your Amibroker is installed. i.e the path where you can find Broker.Exe (Amibroker Main Execution File). Once the path is selected. Press Next to continue.

7)Press the Install button to complete the Installation.

8)Press Next again to bypass the information displayed

9)Bingo Installation of Nimbledatapro2 is done. Now Press the Finish Button to Finish the Procedure

As you are aware that Amibroker doesnt comes with realtime datafeed on its own. Now its time to connect Amibroker and Nimbledatapro2 so that realtime tick by tick data comes to amibroker smootly.

Setting up Amibroker and Registering Nimbledatapro2

1)Launch Amibroker software. If you are running for the first time once nimbledatapro2 is installed. You will get 3rd party non certified plugin warnings. Ensure that NimbledatRT.dll is appears. That ensures that Nimbledatapro2 plugin for Amibroker installed properly.

2)Amibroker Database Creation for Nimbledatapro2

i)One Amibroker software is launched, now create a new database by going to File Menu->New->Database.
ii)Provide the database name. In my case i used Nimbledatapro2. However you are free to choose on your own.
iii)Select Data Source as Nimbledata RT data plugin
iv)Number of Bars as 75000
v)Base time interval as Tick . Note to select Base interval as Tick you need Licensed Amibroker Version. If you are Amibroker trial user then ensure that you select Base time interval as 1-minute.
vi)Now Press Intraday Settings. This will launch the Intraday settings dialog box.

vii)In the Intraday settings dialog box, select the check box Allow Mixed EOD/Intraday data . This is mandatory as it bifurcates the incoming data into EOD and Intraday data. Now Press OK

3. Registration and Connecting to Realtime Data

i)Now to establish the connection, goto the lower staus bar of the Amibroker. You can find a red error status led on the lower right hand side of Amibroker. Now right click over the LED and select connect.

ii)This will initate the license verification procedure. In case if you are launching for the very first time. It says license is not found. That means its time to register for the trial. Press the Register Button

If you are an existing user of any of Globaldatafeed products, you can still use old and new data products simultaneously. But still registration needs to be done if you want to use nimbledatapro2

iii)Fill up the Registration Form and Press Register. This will initiate Email/Phone Verification procedure. Registration verification mail is sent to your email id. check your email and click on ‘activation link’ received. Limited period trial is available to test drive Nimbledatapro2. Make sure you provide valid email and phone contact details. So that you can activate your license successfully.

iv)Once the registration is successful. Restart the Amibroker and Connect to Nimbledatapro2 server again by right clicking over the RED LED staus. This time you can notice that your license verification is successful and the LED status turns green after pressing connect. This ensures Amibroker established connection with nimbledatapro2 server. Automatically Nimbledatapro2 Data Manager Dashboard opens which displays the active symbols currently used by amibroker, license expiry data, Realtime Data symbol limitation. There is also symbol search facility to add your required symbols. Click on the symbol search .

v)In the symbol search dialog box type the symbol name and press search button. This brings the relevant symbols and you can select the symbols and press the add button. This moves the required symbols to the right had side area. Now press OK button to add symbols to Data Manager Dashboard.

vi)Now symbols got added to the data manager and not yet to the Amibroker. To add symbols to Amibroker goto File Menu->Database Settings and press the configure button. This is the onetime setup procedure and in case you need to add more symbols you need to repeat this procedure again.

vii)Now Goto Amibroker and Select the required Amibroker Symbol to get the realtime tick by tick charts. To add symbols manually in Amibroker use the Symbol naming convention : very quickly, you can add NIFTY-I.NFO, BANKNIFTY-I.NFO, USDINR17JANFUT.CDS, CRUDEOIL17JANFUT.MCX, NIFTY 50.NSE_IDX. You can use ‘search‘ button on dashboard to search and add any symbols.

Bingo you are done with the complete setup. Now start reading the charts with high quality realtime dataset.

Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

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