Amibroker Vs Tradingview Vs Python Which One to Use…

When choosing a platform for systematic trading, there are a few key factors to consider, including the features and capabilities of the platform, the...
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Mini Certification on Automated Trading using Amibroker

If you are new to Automated trading? This certification course will help you to kickstart your automated trading with your broker and get to...
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Finfolab Technologies developed API Solutions for Goodwill

Finfolab Technologies developed Arrow API solutions for Goodwill. Our API solutions enable retail traders and Goodwill commodities partners to design and deploy advanced algorithmic...
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7 Replies to “Symphony Presto Algo Trading Platforms at ZERO License Fee”

  1. Haven’t tried algo trading before. Since it is available now at a low cost I would like to give a try. I visited symphonyfintech website and the terms were clearly explained there in special offers section.

  2. I do not wish to use amibroker as my trading stratergy does not requires charts.
    Can I still go for Algo trading? How?

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