How does VPS works in Autotrading?

What is VPS?

VPS – Virtual Private Server is nothing a but Windows/Linux Machine hosted in a datacenter where you can run our applications/Website 24×7. And the user will have remote access to control the Server from his local machine.

How VPS supports Autotrading?

Generally if you are planning to run your autotrading system 24×7 without human intervention its quite difficult to do it in your local machine due to lots of complexities involved. Some of them are Internet Outages, Power Failures, System Errors, Hardware Failures. During those critical times when you have such outages and you have Big positions left in the system un-noticed definitely you are likely to get in trouble. In such a situations VPS comes to rescue.

Reduce your slippage. This is one way in which a VPS server can benefit you even if you place all your entries manually and don’t use automated trading. A VPS can execute your trades more quickly than your computer can because it is much faster transmitting the orders. The result is that you experience less of a delay and less slippage. As we all know, slippage costs money, sometimes a lot of it, so this is a great way to reduce your losses and unpredictability.

So if you are planning to run a complex algorithm then you can place your completely Autotrading System (Trading analysis Software+ Trading Terminal )over the VPS preferrably windows VPS as most of the trading application and analysis software runs mostly in windows platform which will cost in the range of 20-80$ per month depends upon the amount of RAM you require.

Here is a infographic how forex traders use VPS to host their Metatrader 4 platform to perfrom autotrading. Similar way you can host your trading system in the VPS/Cloud and you can run your algo model hassle free.

Popular Windows VPS Providers

Godaddy, Hostgator, Rackspace, Amazon(VPS over Cloud) are some of them among the populuar vps providers.

How VPS works in MT4 trading
[ Image Credit : Earnforex ]

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    • says

      VPN or VPS?

      VPN stands for Virtual private network i guess VPN doesnt plays any major role in algo trading. If you are concerned with VPS then the vendors are Godaddy, Rackspace, Amazon, Hostgator, Microsoft Windows Azure with International Datacentrers mostly located in US and for Indian Datacenters one can try with CTRL-Q and they are quite expensive compared to International Players.

  2. Anil Gupta says

    Are you proving algorithems , trading system for F&O / Forex Trading for Indias Markets & if yes the what is charges?

  3. akilesh karunanidhi says

    Dear Rajendar,

    Thanks for the wonderful article.
    I m planning for super-trend afl automation and i have purchased a robo software which sends order [@market order] automatically to the nest trader plugin whenever buy sell signals come in amibroker without human intervention.I have subscribed to go daddy VPS.
    Can the existing super trend afl in the library can be used for this automation or any other code modifications need to be done in the super trend.Kindly help me in this regard.

  4. seenivasan says

    dear sir,
    where can i get the 3 level semafor indicator for amibroker? i have this indicator in mt4. for amibroker unable to get.

    thank you

  5. Kumar says

    I would like to Trade in Indian Stock Market or Commodities.
    can you tell me which Indian Broker Supports MT4 Platform for Trading.
    I would like to Trade with EA.


  6. RAVI says

    Recently I have purchased amibroker 5.60 version but not purchased afl package. I am senior citizen. want to learn and trade in stock market. I am regular visitor of your site. you give so many packages for downloading. but I don’t know whether to download as am afraid of original package may damaged. I head super trend it necessary to have afl package to purchase. suppose I want to download then from where it is available and is it applicable for eod chart? Do not know much about computers . pls guide.
    with best regards.

  7. Rajan C R says

    hello sir,
    can u make a program to interconnect with mt4 and nesttrader with help of mt4api?
    MT4 is more convenient to sending quick orders …… so we can trade indian markets like forex through mt4…

    by rajan +91 96450 35500

  8. Kumar says

    Sir i read above post as i assume that you can trade in MCX through MT4 . send Buy Sell orders with MT4 api.
    can you please guide me the path of this.


  9. Ashwathy says

    hi sir i dont know how to open a paypal account online. they are asking me address and all idont have any account in india too what should i do please guide me.

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