First Charting MT4 Platform for NSE Cash , NSE Futures, NSE Options and MCX, NCDEX Markets

Iam happy to annouce that Marketcalls is now Official Channel Partner with Firstcharting for Reselling Metatrader4  Charting products with NSE and MCX datafeeds.


Pricing details for Firstcharting products

If you are interested in buying Metatrader 4 charting platform with Realtime NSE or MCX datafeeds then contact or +91 9611786519. 5 days of Paid Trail available for Rs500/-

Steps for Opening Paid MT4 Account

1)Download Firstcharting Metatrader 4

2)Install the software

3)Open Metatrader->Goto File Menu-> Open a new account->Fill the details

and proceed to next->Next->Next finally the system gives you login ID and pwd

4)The login ID is nothing but the demo ID note it down.


5)Please Email the following details to

Name :
Demo ID :
Location :
Phone :
Address :

1)And your account will be activated within 24hrs once the payment is realized in my account.
2)Saturday and Sunday are generally holidays and installation support will not be available
3)Teamviewer is necessary for remote installation
4)Call and Confirm me once the deposit got done in my bank account so that we can activate the account at the earliest .
5)Recommended mode of payment is Cash/online and avoid depositing check

Download Firstcharting Metatrader 4

Download Metatrader 4

List of Available MCX Instruments in the Paid Version

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  1. Yashodhan says

    Thanks Rajandran as usual….while it comes to real-time….Metatrader is far better tool than Amibroker….I was just looking for the same….

  2. vasanth says

    don’t know which one is better to use……….. as yashodhan told MT is far better than ami, will you please be clear in which features it is good.

  3. Jeaudeen Ishaq says

    Downloaded GCI MT4 and working well for NSE Nifty, thanks. But the time mentioned under the chart is not matching the local time. Its shows as 06:00 at closing. Please advice how to change this?

  4. narendra says

    Thanks Mr.Rajendran for your wonderful amibroker live chart of nifty and banknifty,God bbless you.

  5. arjun says

    hi Rajandran,
    Thanx a lot . But a just a small query regd Activation.
    Y’day an id ‘Fxgood’ posted more or less same info at TJ. And he provided a link for another forum.
    It was -- . Are u referring to same service ?
    If yes, will activation will be done after posting request on that forum ?

    Pls reply

    • says


      There is no activation is required here just create the demo account and start using it. And Yes the same link sharan referred here in marketcalls and tested it activation is not required.

  6. Mitch says

    Yes it shows the same big bar both for nifty and banknifty as mentioned and displayed in image by ARJUN in his comments.

    Anything can be done to solve that problem

  7. Ankur says

    Pls check the nse and stock futures charts, the data is absent in between. Charts are breaking.

  8. Yashodhan says

    @ Vasanth….With Metatrader u can directly place orders through charts….also Expert Advisors ( kind of of automated trading) is also possible….S/L, Target Profit can be combined in one order which I believe as a trader is most imporatant….Unfotunately as per my knowledge none of the broker provide MT4 in India ( SEBI fears that there will be manipulation…lolz)….have to keep watch on terminal for order execution…:-(….

    For EOD analysis I still prefer Amibroker….

  9. VS says

    Downloaded the software…..seems to be working fine….but the day open seems to be mostly wrong for Nifty Future

    Can anything be done about this.

  10. Sharan says

    Yes i saw a notice on their forum with such a notice and i think they not yet forced all users but any time they will it seems so better is we have activated id

  11. Jack says


    Its works fine but is it live chart or time delay…Becoz i hv cheked nifty & MCX GOLD difference is there..

  12. Sharan says

    I see there is no delay or difference, check last price , bid and ask all is matching with other terminal records

  13. VS says


    Please provide a link to there forum ( provided posting links is allowed on this website).

    I checked only Nifty future ( NSX) and found the day open lvl to be mostly wrong other wise everything else seems fine.
    for example today 6th june 2012 nifty future opened at 4882.65 . But in the software it shows up as 4846.30

    4846.30 is Nifty future close for the previous day (5th June 2012)

    Todays gap up opening is not appearing on charts bcos this discrepancy

  14. Sharan says

    Are you specifying about pre open market values ? which is from 9.00 AM or actual traded open from 9.15?

  15. VS says

    I am watching symbol NSX nifty future symbol, as far as I know nifty future doesnt have any pre-open session. I am relatively new to trading pardon me if I am wrong

  16. Sharan says

    Thank You for market time info and do you still find market open values differing, as i contacted First Charting Admin whom seems to be friendly guy and he listed even if am a small trader and demo and i hope this product will become market leader in charting

  17. arjun says

    Can MT4 indi convrted to MT5 just by using any utility?
    Googled littlebit and found it requires coding again.
    Is there any recent developement?

    • says


      Currently no good utilities are available for the conversion. All the conversion need to be done manually which requires knowledge of both mql5 and mql5 codings.

  18. arjun says

    thanks Rajandran,
    yeah, i was aware of that. But dared to ask, ‘IF’ there was any recent developement. U IT Coding guys often come up with brilliant solutions. So i thought if thre’s any utility, high chances u would be aware of it….

  19. Sharan says

    I found a very good indicator actually my coder friend done it for me based on some complex trading system and it is very accurate > 80% in real time and working very good in all markets but my friend is busy now and not able to complete it, if any MQ5 coder here we can take it further and make it open code trading system for all

  20. Arnab says

    How to see live future charts? What is per month cost? Can anyone provide contact details for registration live charts?

  21. ajohn says

    This morning when I opened up FxCentral.. it asked whether or not to update to newer version. I proceeded with the update and after that, Im not getting live market data at all.

  22. Sharan says

    Forum admin seems opened thread for posting MT 5 indicators so our task is easier now in finding good indicators for mt 5

  23. Abhijit says

    just downloaded the software but while registering, “next” button is disable. hence, cannot complete the registration. any solution for this?

  24. sam says

    Hi, in demo version can we see NSE in marketwatch? I only have two options Forex and CFD. How do I get stocks/NSE? I have registered choosing demoindia. Thanks.

  25. Lade Vedkumar says

    Dear Friend, Can I predefine SL, TP , buy/sell on market price & one click trading for MCX crude oil in FX Central demo A/C.I had tried but not able, can u guide?

  26. lavish says

    i hv downloaded fx central but after filling personal details i cant activate my demo account do reply sir

  27. kishor says

    Dear sir,
    Thanks a lot on such a nice advice for gci mt4. It is really very very helpful. But I found some differences in the live nifty future price and volume too. For example, on date 22 june,
    volume on my real time trading software (ventura securies) on 5 min bar is = 9,42,950
    volume on gci mt4 on the same bar shows =79
    not matching any means, if the first two digits are considered then it should be 94.
    please give me some reason if possible ,
    Thanks again

  28. sharan says

    This forum is only for leechers it seems not technically sound person here i think only local traders who looking only free things?

  29. sanju says

    i have done mt5 fxcentral demo activation. but in symbols no indian stock and forex stocks what can i do

  30. sanju says

    yes i use fxcentral-firstchart yesterday i use today i have problem when i open mt5 is display please up date symbols

  31. sanju says

    i use fxcentral-firstcharting software yesterday i did work today i lost symbol in my terminal pls solve my problem

  32. bhaskar says

    Rajandran R sir ji is there any problem in Fxcentral mt5 trading platform as i not getting any data from 4:30pm today. sir pls help me to get it again as it works nice. pls help me

  33. venkatesh says

    dear raj, i was using MT5 FXCentral demo account but it hass been expired today, i want to be continue, is there any chance for the same..

  34. vijay says

    sir macd style in mq4 is very good and easy to understand can we convert this in amibroker pl help me

  35. Asad says

    Installed on another pc , with different name still not working….nothing to do with trial period….any updates on fxcentral guys ??

  36. bhaskar says

    Request to admin pls do something& come forward to reveal the mystery behind not getting the data in Fxcentral mt5 platform.

  37. Bhanureddy says

    i am using mt4 terminal. mt4 indicators not working in mt5. how it will be work ? please tell me

  38. ranvir says

    hi guys
    it is showing data stopping notice,,,,,saying from 2moro data will be available only for subscribers…

    anybody else facing same problem????

  39. Dhananjay says

    This software service is provided by , today i called them to find details of subscription, they informed they have not finalised the pricing, they will send a mail or they will call it is only charting software provided by FXCentral, no live trading.

    They have office in bangalore tel no. is 080-22141555

    Note: today they had technical problem after 3:00 .


  40. Sharan says

    Thanks for adding contact information , i fee they should give more clarity on product they have and cost rather than having them on small forum which makes bit confusion to client were to contact exactly

  41. yogesh says






  42. swapnil bargale says

    not getting symbols ……….wht is status of mt5……….hepl.plz



  43. Sharan says

    I am just public user, just like u interested in public products that is related to market but i am ok with both paid and free and i am big fan for MT products, nothing more.

    I am not sure about any complaints, at least not heard from clients i referred, main problem is , web is open and any one can make complaints but how many are true ?

  44. Sharan says

    can you please mind to explain what problem happened due to my questions and updates on this web site?

  45. Rajendra says

    Dear Mr. Rajendra, I am learning trading on MT4 demo account. I am interested to plot MACD of Simple Mov. Av. SMA 9 / 24 / 9 -- and not Exponential Moving Average. MT4 indicator gives details based on EMA. Please guide me step by step how to plot MACD with SMA 9 / 24 / 9. I send an attachment for your perusal.

    Looking forward, Rajendra.

  46. sharan says

    @Rajendra this is not trading forum to discuss and only a trading portal to have news about trading stuff and don’t expect any professional help here

  47. Sujith says

    FX central stoped giving trial accounts i think. I cant create a new demo accnt or use the existing one..

  48. Sharan says

    Can any one make post of both MT 4 and MT 5 pricing of first charting , i am using MT 5 at moment but i prefer MT 4 due to many old indicators that i do use in MT 4

    • says


      Its there please read the complete article. Demo link is below the pricing. And Demo Registration link is also there for activation of
      registration ID which is applicable only for Metatrader 5.

  49. SHAREJI says

    Yes. I have tested MT5. It was working this morning and now stopped only NF and AB in cash and Gold in MCX is working. Is there any way to get this working with atleast 5 scripts again ?

    Or Paid subscription is the only way ?


    • says

      Full demo is limited only to two days and the days are done. And now you will be able to get only limited symbols in trial version and could vary randomly.

  50. AMIT says


    The pricing is too high. Needs to be around 1500 for both mcx and nse per month. Please look into this matter.

  51. Samir says

    Dear Sir,

    i download MT5 Platform..but in that i did not see NSE CASH OR DERIVATIVE stock list…
    so pls help me for that…

    and i also registered in demo account …

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