Ultimate Volatility Expert – Amibroker AFL – System Review

Ultimate Volatility Expert is a system created based on ADM(Average Daily Movement). It is a system based on breakout trading and quite similar to Open range breakout trading. And here the breakout levels are decided based on the ADM movement. The credit goes to the system creator Mr Murali Krishna

Utimate Volatility Expert

What is Average Daily Movement?

Average Daily Movement(ADM) is nothing but the average price movement of last N day (High-Low). And in Ultimate Volatility Expert ADM play a major role in deciding the Breakout and Target Levels.

How the Breakout Levels are decided?

Breakout levels are decided when the current price breaks above (prev day close + 0.382*ADM) level which generates the Buy Signal and when the current price break down below (prev day close – 0.382*ADM) levels generates the sell signal

Buy= C>((DayC)+((.382)*(ADM)));
Sell= C<((DayC)-((.382)*(ADM)));

How the Target is Decided?

BuyTarget1= (0.45*ADM)+BuyPrice;
BuyTarget2= (0.95*ADM)+BuyPrice;
BuyTarget3= (1.95*ADM)+BuyPrice;
SellTarget1= SellPrice-(0.45*ADM);
SellTarget2= SellPrice-(0.95*ADM);
SellTarget3= SellPrice-(1.95*ADM);

Risk Reward Ratio

1. low risk reward= 1:1 , Example: Target is minimum 1/2 ADM points and stop loss also same points (normal Profit)
2. medium risk reward= 2:1 , Example: Target is minimum 1 ADM points and stop-loss is 1/2 ADM points (good Profit)
3. high risk reward= 3:1 or above , Example: Target is minimum 1 1/2 or 2 ADM points and stop-loss is 1/2 ADM points

Left side of the window show Monthly, Weekly and Previous day High Low Levels, this levels are major Support and Resistance levels for trading,(PDH = Previous day High, PDL = Previous day Low, CWH= Current week High, 1WH= first week high CMH= current Month High CML= current Month Low etc.)

The System Creator recommend to set target & stop-loss levels with minimum 2:1 ratio, and also to lookinto the left side dashboard for major Trading levels. And the ideal timeframe for trading this strategy is 5min

Download Amibroker AFL code

Download the Ultimate Volatility Expert System – AFL code

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  1. MEENAL says


  2. zain says

    Dear Rajan,
    I need the scanner for the above AFL for signals.

    Buy= C>((DayC)+((.382)*(ADM)));
    Sell= C<((DayC)-((.382)*(ADM)));


  3. amit says

    Dear Rajandran and Murali Thanks. Both of you are rocking by doing selfless service to the small retails traders like me. Keep it up. May God Bless You

  4. Murali Krishna says

    hi rajendran, thanks for sharing my afl in this site, small correction in this review 2nd paragraph, about ADM, i received this word from (www.dynamiclevels.com), so read that subject and re post that paragraph, it very useful for your viewers.and Would be nice if you write a comment on the site(www.wisestocktrader.com) from where it has attained.

    Murali Krishna

  5. aditya jain says

    dear rajandran
    i am follower of sir illango and your website, but unfortunately so far i have not come across single afl which support good elliot wave method as explained by robert beckham and also not a good afl to give good results in commodities market. may be my expectations are too high as i know its lot of hard work but still i would appreciate if somebody can come up with some great afl which suppot both the markets and can help all the traders or if you can come up with some special software that will also be appreciable.
    aditya jain

  6. saim says

    Dear Rajandran sir
    Kindly murli sir mail id .I am using his indicator.I want just support with them.Or if u can then i will send u by mail.Plz sir send quick


  7. Chandrakant says

    Hello Rajandran sir,
    Can you tell me how to backtest this indicator?
    I am using amibroker 5.7. I tried to backtest it but i cannot see anything.

  8. siva says

    dear sir,

    thanks for give the details ‘Ultimate Volatility Expert ‘. i nee muralikrishnan mail id. i am new comer for commodity. can u pls tell the performance ratio for commodity like crude, copper, lead,

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