RTDF New version Supports Both Yahoo Finance and Google Finance Realtime Datafeed

RTDF for Amibrokeris a light weight executable ( neither .Net nor Java) realtime datafeed software developed using C/C++. The demo release is free with two months validity and without proxy capability.

The demo release uses only 4/5 user selected symbols.Total number of characters of these symbols should not exceed 50.

The demo release supports both Yahoo and Google real time tick charting and also includes 15 days 1minute Google backfill

The demo release supports paper trading feature. Need to double click on B column for buy and S column for sell.

It supports Odin extraction and Odin backfill also. It supports odin auto trading also..


1) Download RTDF
2)Install VS2008 runtime redistributable package if necessary. This can be downloaded from here
3)Unzip RTDF.zip to some folder in C Drive.
4)Copy rtdfy2g.ini to C:windows directory.

Also Refer RTDF.chm or RTDF.htm for setting up RTDF. This is tested om WinXP SP2 and SP3 and Windows-7 Ultimate 32 bit editions.


1)Copy rtdfy2g.ini to C:windows directory. This file contains the mapping of yahoo symbols to equivalent google symbols. I have added only 6 symbols. User need to add the required symbols.This file is required when RTDF uses yahoo finance data provider and uses google backfill.
2)Copy rtdfodin.ini and rtdfoc2tik.ini to C:windows directory
3)Open Amibroker with your existing database or with new database.
4)Run RTDF.
5)Enter yahoo login details by pressing “Settings” button
6)Select either yahoo or google data provider.
7)Press “Start” button.
8)For back fill, press “BackFill” button and select the required data provider..
9)If you not get any updates in AmiBroker, please download and install Microsoft Script Control. Here is the link . Then repeat steps 1 to 4.
10)Enjoy trading with real time chart.

For More information: Send email to rtdf.ab@gmail.com

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  1. Trader says

    Downloaded but file has some virus and trojan. Be Carefull while downloading and extracting file. Rajendran Sir please upoad file again. Thanks again for good info.

  2. Vinay says

    Dear Rajandran,

    I am getting fatal error WinHTTPCallback…
    Could you pls help me out…. am using winxp

    Thx in Adv

  3. ankit dargan says

    raj sir

    sub -- request for eod bhavecopy help in ninjatrader7

    i am having ninjatrader but the problem is that there is no way from which nse bhavcopy can be inputted in it either through any software database converter like ami data gets converted to fetch to ninja
    or any direct utility so that we get clean values through bhavcopy
    but in mean time i discovered two links one is from
    msrmurthy sirs
    in this he gave afl which can convert ami database to make it usuable for ninjatrader
    and second is
    buy joydeep sir(volume digger)
    in which he gave a file which just needed to inputted in ninja than can be used in association with same format which datadownloader default format and even getbhavcopy default format and actual bhavcopy too

    but problem is in inditrader i am restricted n not able to download that msrmurthy sirs afl file
    and the joydeeps sir file is not get validated by ninja trader 7 or 6.5 when u try to import that .zip file

    plz sir kindly take some spare time to check solution for it and post it

    ankit dargan

  4. ankit dargan says

    raj sir,

    thankyou sir for murthy sir codes
    and sir plz i request if with less trouble if there any chance so that you can maintain a seperate section in ur website for both amibroker and ninjatrader along with there data resources, formula codes files and help files along with upload function so that people can also contribute this site there work

    reason -- it happens when u post anything regarding amibroker or ninjatrader or there codes that post after sometime gets difficult to find and people having any query or contribution on that gets left there mainly due to post misplace and no upload section


  5. says

    @Ankit : File Upload is not entertained here due to security reasons. As of now only supporting image uploads. Let me check out the possibilities and will let you know.

  6. Akki says


    Thx for the updated version but can you tell us how to connect it with amibroker to get live rates, as per its not getting connected with amibroker, kindly shoot a tutorial on how to connect it with amibroker I believe many people would be facing the same problems…..

    Awaiting for a positive response…

    Jai Ganesha

  7. kishor pedhadiya says

    hi iallshow downlode & setup it but its lisens key isend mail to rtdf but no replay pls. mor help me

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