RTDF – Free Real Time Data Feed to Amibroker

Next to Mansi RT here is another light weight utility for Amibroker with realtime data feed which extracts data from yahoo finance

Real Time Data Feed to Amibroker

RTDF is a light weight executable ( neither .Net nor Java) developed using C/C++.
The demo release is free with NO time expiry and without proxy capability.

The demo release uses only 2/3 user selected symbols.Total number of
characters of these symbols should not exceed 12.

The demo release supports tick charting and also includes intraday 1minute backfill.
The licensed version has the following features…

Includes unlimited symbols and with proxy capability.
Reasonably priced.
Supports multiple instances.
Includes 5 minutes 5 days backfill capability.
For more details please email to rtdf.ab@gmail.com

Would greatly appreciate if users send their suggestions/bugs and further improvements to the above email address.


Download RTDF
Install VS2008 runtime redistributable package if necessary.


Open Amibroker with your existing database or with new database.
Enter yahoo login details by pressing “Settings” button
Press “Start” button.
For back fill, press “BackFill” button and select 1m menu.
Enjoy trading with real time chart.

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  1. says

    Here is the Option Pain Charts taken from Nifty OI Page
    If you are facing any difficulties in viewing the updated chart
    then kindly clear your cookies and Cache, Temporary Internet File
    and check the blog once again.

  2. RAMESHV says


    can you clearly say
    how many symbols we can see in RTDF?
    Nobody is talking about RTDF positively.
    MANSHIRT is good .RTDF has miles to move to catch it up-this is what I heard yesterday.
    let me know how far tyou came.

    A friend of mine gives paid software called SPM,stockperformance monitor(STOCKMONITOR.IN and it works good mostly except it is vb based,gives vb related errors sometimes.


  3. Kalyan says

    rtdf developer is out of the market he did not reply to email but the product as a introductory not so bad , light. user friendly but has many faults but can be improved.

  4. robin saha says

    I have run rtdf file then i logged in yahoo. I also copied all the dll files into amibroker plugin directory.Please advice me how to configure the database and the plugin so that i can get real time data into amibroker.Thankx in advance.

  5. kalyan says

    only one file to window directory u have to copy. go to their site for full support.
    but not so good it is. u can try manshi rt but it is not free @ robin

  6. wmcindia says

    RTDF is ULTIMATE now. It now supports odin extraction and “paper” automated trading with amibroker in real time. These features are not yet published to the outside world yet.

  7. Satish says

    RTDF does not start.
    Error message -- This application has requested tuntime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Then application terminates.

  8. Raj says

    From 27th April 2012……ONWARDS
    Free For Life time ODIN TO AB with All segment Cash, F&O Also Commodity /
    //A free utiity which is quite faster than the available tools…
    w w w. aamaadmisoftware.com
    thanks to SHALABH_TYAGI…

  9. Arunkumar K says

    Seems like a dead link, kindly reupload and post the link…… This will be very useful for penny investors like me.

  10. Karuna says

    Sir, how to know if I am buying data from genuine source or not? I mean how to know if data provider is providing data from NSE directly or not. Please help sir.


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