Integrating Amibroker with Python COM Server

Why Python?
To Create Complex Trading Systems we need to have a complex mathematical models and designing a highly complex mathematical models in amibroker is not so easy. However we can still build complex mathematical models with the help of Python. Python is a open source language similar to C,C++ and it has tons of open source their party modules for financial computings and implementing statistical models. Some of the third party modules use to build complex stuff are numPy,sciPy,pandas. You can google more to know about these statistical packages.

So if we are able to Integrate Amibroker with Python then probably it is like creating a gateway towards accessing complex mathematical models in Amibroker

What is Python COM Server?

COM (Component Object model) is used to enable interprocess communication and dynamic object creation in a large range of programming languages. Using Python COM we can create a interface between Amibroker and Python where Amibroker passes the variable and the complex computation is done with the help of python programming. The Python COM Server communicates with the Amibroker OLE object for interprocess communication as shown below.

If you would like to know more about python COM server then access this python COM server tutorial for better explanation

Python Com Server

Installing Python
1)Download Python 2.7 Version for Windows and Install Python2.7
2)Set the Environmental Variable,Now Goto Start->My Computer ->Right Click and Select Properties->Advance Settings ->Goto Advance Tab and in System Variable enter the Variable Name : PYTHONPATH and variable value C:\Python27\Lib;C:\Python27\DLLs;C:\Python27\Lib\lib-tk;
Python Environmental Settings

Intetrating Amibroker with Python COM Sever

Here Iam going to demonstate the AFL code by Bruce Peterson on Integrating Amibroker with Python using IIR Filter example. IIR stands for Infinite impulse response (IIR) is a property applying to many linear time-invariant systems most commonly used in digital and electronic filters.

Steps to Follow

1)Download Python-AFL Set and Unzip it
2)Copy the file to \\python2.7\\bin\\ folder. And execute the file with the command python as shown below
Python Com File Execution
3)Copy the Python file and paste the file in \\Amibroker\\Formulas\\Basic Charts Folder
4)Open a New Blank Chart and apply Python to it. You should be able to see IIR(Infinite Impulse Response) and DEMA lines over the Candlesticks where the IIR is computed with the help of Python COM as shown below

Nifty IIR2

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  1. omprakash says

    Hi rajendran sir .I am u r big fan. Watching u r live chart for 1 year learnt lot from it. your free live site is not working today 10-04-2014.kindly resolve them sir…

  2. rupinder says

    Hi, thanks for the post.

    I am only able to return string or number back to amibroker. Not able to return the list.

    Kindly help. Below is my python return function

    outlist = 140
    return outlist # it works

    outlist = [140,141]
    return outlist # Amibroker shows error

    I am plotting outlist[0] in both cases.

  3. Tyler says

    how do i copy that file into the Python bin folder pls? I can’t see a bin folder. Only Python27/ DLLS, DOX, Include, Lib, libs, scripts, tcl and Tools. Python2.7 is an application without a bin folder… thank you

  4. Terence says

    May I use Anaconda Python Package instead of Python 2.7 for Windows?

    I am sorry. I am not familiar with Windows.

    In the code:

    Where do I get this id?

    • says

      Havent tested with Anaconda Python but if it supports com server then possibly you can do that. I had choosen the id as random however you can use the function

      _reg_clsid_ = pythoncom.CreateGuid()

      so that the system chooses new GUID for you :)

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