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Interworld Digital:-The 2rs penny stock with multibagger potential

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Scripscan-Interworld Digital Ltd
CMP-2 (FV-1)
Duration-12 months.

Introduction-Interworld Digital is in the business of development of end-to-end distribution technology and support services for the delivery of digital cinema to theaters worldwide.It provides a complete range of capabilities to serve the emerging digital distribution needs for the motion picture industry based on an open standard that covers all of the stages for taking a movie from a studio master to a theater's digital projection system. This includes compressing, encrypting, and transferring the master onto a deliverable media, delivering the content to the theater-either by physical media or via satellite-for storage scheduling and playback.

Positives of Digital cinema-One of the major revenue-streams for D-Cinema can be in the form of advertisements.It is expensive to copy advertisements to 35mm, and the distribution costs are high. This will limit the market to only large national/international advertisers. By using digital format, it is only necessary to hand in a disc, or down load the content. Distribution can take place centrally from a hub, which will control the running of each individual advertisement for each cinema through a large server, or it can be done by each individual cinema. The reduced cost of distribution, will reduce the advertising costs, and make cinema advertisement more competitive against other media.

Apart from advertising potentially Interworld Digital will enable new revenue opportunities for theater owners by extending their revenue base to include corporate presentations, live events, large-scale training and seminars, and multi-location interactive conferences. But the biggest advantage will come for distribution. Making and distributing copies is a lot easier with digital files than with physical film. Digital copies of a movie save millions by eliminating the cost of creating 100 or 1,000 odd movie prints.

A film print can cost up to Rs 600,00 per print so making 100 prints or for a wide-release movie can cost up to Rs 60 lakh.By distributing them electronically,the cost savings on the distribution to the theater and back alone saves millions of rupees.Apart from this, D-Cinema will be of great benefit to B and C cities where 70% movies are of poor quality (B-grade, C Grade and X movies) or are movies that were released a couple of years back. With D-Cinema, they will able to view A-grade movies simultaneously along with their counterparts in cities.

Negatives-On the downside, the upfront costs for converting theaters to digital are high: up to $150,000. Theatres may be reluctant to switch without a cost-sharing arrangement with distributors.

Prospect-Interworld Digital Ltd is in the market with the first digital movies that will be transmitted to theatres through satellite. In the first phase, Interworld Digital plans to digitise 50 theatres across the country.Movies transported in encoded format, which would have the highest quality of print, would be shown in these theatres. Digitising of movies would render piracy practically impossible for two reasons. One, the quality of the pirated version would be pathetic. And two, a watermark on the theatre screen would show the place and date on which the pirated copy was made.One big gain for producers would be that they would save huge amounts on prints as each print costs about Rs 8000 and they need to make scores of prints to distribute across the country and abroad.

Outlook-To achieve its object of setting up fully featured Digital Cinema Model, the Company has engaged famous film Director, Mr. Partho Ghosh, for producing and directing various feature film under consideration and M/s Cyberlogy (India) Pvt. Ltd. for setting up a Network Operating Centre in Mumbai for the Company and for also arranging various other activities.

As the Indian economy grows and merges further with the global economy, the focus of demand for IT and entertainment services will shift from large deals signed by the large enterprises to increasing number of mid-size and small enterprises signing IT and entertainment services which is expected to be the next phase of growth in the Indian IT and entertainment services market.

Conclusion- Digital technology is already taking over a big chunk of the home entertainment market. Movies might not be able to escape the digital onslaught for long. While digital cinema is yet to take off in a big way in India, it is surely showing prospects of cinema without reels.For viewers, digital projection offers crisp pictures that don't fade or scratch, no matter how many times they are shown. Create the content once and deliver to millions without any generational loss or image degradation.

"Interworld looks to have a bright future ahead.Its quoting at a mere 2rs and upsides can be huge from these level.The promoters too realising the huge potential has been increasing their stakes in the counter.Digital cinema is set to be the next boom for sure and the company having the first mover advantage deserves a better valuation.Interworld basically is following the business model of a Belgium-based company called EVS Belgium.In the US,Dolby Digital is the leader in this industry segment.Being a 2rs counter there is not much to loose but chances are always there that the scrip may just turn out to be the next multibagger."So watch out for it".

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Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

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