Nifty and Bank Nifty January Hourly Futures – Overview

Nifty and Bank Nifty hourly charts maintains the downtrend with resistance zone coming around 8366.9 and 19010.9 Trend will reverse to upwards direction if...
Rajandran R
37 sec read

Nifty Future Weekly Observation – Wealth Creator

If Nifty Future remains below 8295 Future level the bears are in control and market is weak for more correction. The supports at 8180...
Mohit Jhanji
17 sec read

Nifty and Bank Nifty Futures – Mid December Overview

Nifty futures and Bank Nifty futures taken a steep fall from the peak and so far nifty is leading the fall compared to Bank...
Rajandran R
43 sec read

Wealthcreator : Nifty Futures Novemeber Expiry Overview

Nifty Future November Series closed on strong notes on Friday’s trading session. After opening at 8420.50 it made lows of 8412 Nifty Future...
Mohit Jhanji
46 sec read

Is Bank Nifty Signalling a Short Term Top?

The short term Market Sentiment(Index Futures) is ultra bullish and retail players are quite aggressive in nature in playing the index longs. Bank Nifty...
Rajandran R
50 sec read

Nifty Futures Weekly Overview and Technical Analysis Levels

Nifty Future has been consolidating in a side ways range on low volume since last couple weeks. The range is narrow and rally towards...
Mohit Jhanji
24 sec read

Will 8300 Act as Support for Nifty this Expiry?

This week both Nifty futures and Bank Nifty futures ends on the positive note with a weekly gains of 36.55 points(0.43%) and 141.3 points...
Rajandran R
42 sec read

Nifty Future Weekly Overview – Wealthcreator

Nifty future closed the week at 8381.65. There were only three trading sessions for the week. The week witnessed again buy on the dips...
Mohit Jhanji
33 sec read

Nifty Future October Expiry Overview

Nifty Future closed the week at 8023.5 on Diwali mahurat trading session. the market has seen a sharp reversal from lows of 7752 and...
Mohit Jhanji
37 sec read

Trading Economic Indicators : CPI Inflation

Trading Inflation CPI number is very big fundamental economics indicator for trading NSE.But according to our complete analysis it shows. Trading on CPI number...
Lokesh Madan
20 min read

Wealthcreator – Nifty Future Trend Analysis Lookup

The short term trend for Nifty Future is down the reversal point is above 8010 close till then the rally's are for entering shorts...
Mohit Jhanji
48 sec read

Nifty and Bank Nifty Hourly Charts Overview and Infosys…

Nifty futures turned to positional sell mode on 23rd of September and currently the resistance zone comes around 8053 reverse your position to positional...
Rajandran R
1 min read