IDFC Intraday notes

  CMP : 93.10 Yesterday there is a huge play from IDFC in testing the support 200min MA and likely broken today and if...
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Nifty 30 min charts – Is it a weak…

  Nifty CMP : Rs 4482   RSI and Stocastic oscillator getting overbought indicating a weak start in tommorow morning(9 th Sep, 2008)  ...
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Rupee and Sensex

  Nifty CMP : 4352 Charts Showing Comparision of Sensex Vs USDINR Charts and the 20 day EMA Crossover indicates a buy/sell signal. And...
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Nifty and Head and shoulders

  NIfty CMP : 4352 The head and shoulders pattern is generally regarded as a reversal pattern and it is most often seen in...
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Nifty Caught Between the Fibonnaci levels

  When i try try to feed the recent high’s and lows in the fibonacci calculator… iam getting these values. So 50% Fibo level(4362)...
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Nifty Hourly Charts – Any Downside Bets???

  Nifty Hourly Charts Signalling Oversold RSI levels. So Blind downside bets from your side before the market starts??? Source:
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Nifty one final sentiment needed to break the bear…

  Nifty CMP : 4504 Almost All the Indicator Turn Bullish Except one Hurdle. 20Day EMA Weekly Resistance currently at 4528. And Today We...
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Nifty May Try Testing Resistance 4000-4438 Levels

  Nifty CMP : 4348   Bullish Inside Bar Pattern Formed. Nifty May try testing 4400-4438 levels.Also US market closed on Labor Day. Uncle...
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Intraday Swing Trading Example in Nifty

  The Traders Action Zone (TAZ) is a buy and sell zone on a chart that swing traders can use to identify possible reversals...
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Nifty Notes for 11th July 2008

  Index : CNX  Nifty Open : 4166 High : 4215.5 Low : 4014.45 Close : 4049     Avoid trading near Fibo level...
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A Nifty Chart Speaks more than explaining about it

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Notes for Nifty Intraday

    Today Market opens with huge bandwidth Widening in 13,34,55 min EMA so one should wait for the convergence of EMA and to...
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