Fewer thoughts on Futures & Options, Option Trading methodologies and Strategies, And Tracking Concepts like Open Interest, Put call ratio related to Nifty

Futures and Options

Nifty May Sell Strangle : Option Strategies

When volatility is very high, and the market has just made a dramatic move and you are expecting it to consolidate and take some...
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Put writers are bullish despite uncertain environment

Looks Put writers are not still in the panic mood to unwind their positions from the 4900PE and 5000PE in contrast they built the...
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Is Trend Reversal in Nifty Possible?

Last two days 5050 seems to be a valid support zone. If nifty tommorow sustains above 5050 then there is a possibility of complete...
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Nifty Open Interest Lookup for May Series

  As of now High Open Interest among the series witnessed in both 4900PE(Put writing) and 5300(call writing) strike prices. And there is...
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Using Options to get paid to buy Blue-chip stock…

I would like to thank all readers of marketcalls for your mails. As I was busy with my new sub-broker, I could not update...
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SMR Ratio included in Nifty OI Tracker

SMR Ratio has been added to the bottom right corner on the Nifty OI Tracker Chart. SMR Ratio is otherwise known as smart money...
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Option Pain Charts for Nifty

Option Pain, also known as Max Option Pain or Max Pain, is based on the theory that since most options buyers lose in options...
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Put Writing in 5200PE April Series

Today there is a huge Open Interest Builtup in 5200PE April Strike price. Which indicates that Option writers are confident about holding 5200 for...
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Modified Nifty Options Tracker

Here is a modified Nifty Options Tracker. PCR(OI) for current series had been added for Nifty and Reliance Charts with auto update feature
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Result of Reverse Iron Butterfly Strategy for Nifty

Gain in Shorting 5100PE = Rs18.5 Loss in Longs 5200 PE = -Rs45.8 Gain in Longs 5200 CE =...
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Nifty Futures Ichimoku Update

Ichimoku Indicator turned to buy for all the timeframes. Just Checkout the Nifty Futures Charts of 5min,15min,Hourly Charts
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Nifty Future trading using Ichimoku

Ichimoku plays a great role in high probability trading. Let look into different setup of timeframe(Daily, Hourly,15min) and once can formulate his trade easily...
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