Silver Sentiment Looks Golden

Bullish sentiment among silver traders recently fell to 8 percent, the lowest reading since mid-2015. So, sentiment is in the right place for the...
Elliott Wave
28 sec read

Commodities Crashed Post US Presidential Election Results

MCX Gold surges to a high of Rs31326/Kg when Mr.Donald trump was leading the election results on 9th Nov 2016. Around 10.40p.m gold topped...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Is MCX Zinc on the Verge of Short Term…

It is almost a "V"-Shaped recovery from the May 2015 crash in Zinc Futures. Post the mid of July 2016, momentum in zinc had...
Rajandran R
33 sec read

Nickel Long Term Cycle Analysis

Is the long term trend in Nickel Started? To answer this question we can start with monthly nickel charts with predict cycle indicator. You...
Rajandran R
36 sec read

MCX Copper – Likely Trend Reversal from Downtrend?

MCX Copper peaked out during 28th Aug 2013 made a high around Rs513.05/Kg since then MCX Copper is in long term downtrend and currently...
Rajandran R
42 sec read

MCX Crude – Minor Sell off Possible?

MCX Crude tested the bottom 11th Feb 2016 Rs1805/Barrel since then it is in tremendous uptrend and currently trading around Oct 2015 high where...
Rajandran R
26 sec read

MCX Silver Weak Downtrend to sustain?

Silver managed to breach above 2015 high and traded above 40635 for sometime. However on last Friday moved back below 2015 year high with...
Rajandran R
19 sec read

MCX Gold – Trading Sentiment Overview

Since February 2016, Gold is trading in sideways mode between 28,000 - 30,000 per kg on the broader scale. Interestingly China (Shanghai Gold Exchange)...
Rajandran R
40 sec read

What you can learn from Natural Gas COT Data?

COT refers to Commitment of Traders. The Commitments of Traders (CoT) is a weekly report released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Four Visible Technical Signs that Crude Bottomed Out

Here are the 4 visible signs (Volatility Sentiment, Magazine Indicator, COT Percentile , Gold Oil Ratio) we look into it to predict the possible...
Rajandran R
37 sec read

Gold Oil Ratio at record High

Now with One ounce of Gold one can buy 39 barrels of Crude OIL. And interestingly GOLD/OIL Ratio is at 30 year high and...
Rajandran R
20 sec read

Gold Medium Term Trend Analysis – December Outlook

Just thought of posting quick update on Gold Medium term trend. Price structure of the Gold Weekly Charts are moving in a sideways bearish...
Rajandran R
43 sec read