SDA2 Trend Trading System Verion 2.0 AFL code

Earlier on October 26th, 2010 SDA2 Trend Trading System is introduced in Marketcalls. After revising my old strategy with better improvements releasing the newer...
Rajandran R
2 min read

SMV Trading System v1.0 – AFL code for Amibroker

SMV Trading system V1.0 - An Intraday Trading Approach with Combination of SDA2 Trend Trading System + Market Profile + Volume Profile (SMV Trading...
Rajandran R
1 min read

MCX Gold Hourly SDA2 Trend Trading Chart – 29…

MCX Gold Hourly charts with SDA2 Trend trading buy or sell signals has been published in the marketcalls for the very first time. Updates...
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13 sec read

Nifty EOD SDA2 trend trading charts

Nifty turned to buy signal on last friday on the EOD charts as per SDA2 trend trading system. Which indicates that the medium term...
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10 sec read

Nifty SDA2 EOD trend trading charts

Nifty is in buy mode on EOD charts since May 27 as per SDA2 trend trading strategy with trailing supports lowered from 5447(as posted...
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18 sec read

Nifty EOD SDA2 Trend Trading charts

Nifty EOD SDA2 Trend trading charts are shown. Daily charts are in buy mode with trailing supports coming near 5447-5453 range. Any close below...
Rajandran R
12 sec read

Nifty SDA2 Trend Trading Update for EOD timeframe

Nifty is in buy mode since 27 May 2011 with trailing supports coming around 5418 on EOD timeframe. Short Selling 5400PE is recommended as...
Rajandran R
7 sec read

SDA2 Trend trading EOD Chart for Nifty

As of now nifty is still in buy mode on EOD charts. As per SDA2 trend trading nifty will yield a sell signal on...
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24 sec read

Nifty 50 EOD charts with SDA2 Trend Trading System

More recently ICICI Bank had given a buy signal on last week. One can trade this counter with minimum stop loss of Rs 1000...
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Nifty 50 EOD charts with SDA2 Trading System :…

My Desktop Amibroker Screenshots for Nifty 50 EOD charts with SDA2 Trading System
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SDA2 Hourly Nifty Future charts

Hourly Nifty Future charts for the fans of SDA2 Trend trading system. Few more hourly charts are included for you reference about the trading...
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11 sec read